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Week in Barcelona with my 9 year old daughter

I will be traveling to Barcelona for 2 weeks in August with my husband, son and 9 year old daughter. One week my husband and son are going to go to a tennis academy in the area. The second week we will play tourists and see all of the sites. I am trying to figure out something to do with my daughter for the week without my husband and son. I don't want to do all the typical tourist things b/c we will do that as a family the second week. She is a fairly mature 9 year old and a good traveler. Any suggestions?

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If it was me, I would take the bus ( 1.5 hrs) to Tossa De Mar and spend the week on the beach , enjoying a small but lovely town. Safe and clean, cannot say enough good things about it.. a stay at the Capri hotel in a view room, and what a lovely relaxing week.. Two weeks in a big city can be a bit much for some kids, but you know your daughter best.
Anyways google "Tossa de Mar" its as beautiful as it looks, and you can wander around in the evening feeling so safe, crime /pickpockets is just not an issue there yet.. too small, lol, no McDonalds or Burger Kings, but many small cafes and restaurants, a lovely street wandering culture. While there you can hop on a sightseeing boat that takes you along coast viewing gorgeous coves, and stopping at some secluded beaches.