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weekend in france, dont know which city

hello there! my friend and i are in rome right now, studying. we want to spend a weekend SOMEWHERE in france but we dont quite know which city we want to go to. we obviously know about paris but what are some other good cities that we should know about? thanks so much!

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Chelsea - my daughter is studying in Strasbourg right now. We visited for the first time this past month. If you are looking for something different from a really big city (i.e. Paris) I think Stras is a good choice. It is a university town so there are lots of young people. It is easy to get around, very pretty, very different with the Alsacian (almost German) influence. I think it would be an easy place to spend just a weekend.

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Try Lyon. It is a great city for foodies. It has a Roman arena plus a good archaeological museum. There is a Metro system, some interesting churches, and a range of hotels. A river runs thru it.

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Chelsea, for what it's worth, I think Strasbourg is a good choice, too. They have a tradition of bistros / restaurants they call the Winstub - the name comes from the German neighbors Wein Stube (wine room). Those places in Strasbourg serve the finest food I've ever eaten!
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the French Riviera is always fun and would be fairly warm at this time of year. Try Nice or Cannes. Nice has an airport if you don't want to take the train

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Chelsea and friend,

Think about not just where you would go, but what you want to do when you get there. Do you want to go hiking? Meet other young people in clubs? Lay on the beach? "Site see"?, Go to museums? See something historic?

France has all of these things in different places. The Provence area is fairly doable by train from Rome, so are the alps (great young nightlife),Nice is also fun.
I also really like Barcelona(I know Spain)

Strousburg is nice but not my first choice in the spring/summer (no reason JMO).

I would, however save Paris for a time when you have more than a weekend.

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Small, and most interesting - Vaison La Romaine -- in the countryside -- be sure to see (and stay if possible) in the Citie Medival!!