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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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VPN needed for mobile devices?
mariancones 7
Warning about charging phones with public USB ports or cables
Lola 14
Weather forecast site - differing cities in UK
Eric 13
Website for travel blog - need a recommendation
CathyG 7
Website or phone app for outdoor photography viewpoints/lighting
jules m 5
We haven't had a best travel camera thread in a while, so...
funpig 3
Weird result on Google Street View on my iPad.
Lola 8
We need new headphone to use to watch movies on planes.
Sue 10
bobbing4data 6
What are your favorite travel journal apps?
avirosemail 5
What are your tips for traveling by car?
sriman.jotaro 29
What camera and lenses I took to Europe
Shaun 19
What Camera to take to Europe
Judy 15
what data size sim card will I need
dkruz1 4
What do I lose by keeping my iPhone in 'airplane mode' the entire trip?
keri 14
What do I need in order to use my electronic devices in different countries?
Seattle1984 8
What do I need to take
psawyer8713 9
What do you do with your laptop that you couldn't do with your phone already?
avirosemail 37
What I used for phone service on trip to Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich recently
dpalmier53 5
What's App or Viper or?
bange 14
What should you do with your old out-dated passport?
sherryjb 30
What sim and plan to buy?
What's your apps and tech gadget?
smarcbie 11
What the Airline Knows About You While Inflight
Lynn 14
What to use?
holloway.lauren 3
What Travel log/journal app is the best?
Vick Vega 1
When Travel Geeks Get Bored -OR- Fun With Google Sheets!
Mike Beebe 10
Where is the search function
Dreamsparis 6
Where to buy a SIM card in LHR T5 or Pisa Airport for use in Italy
jrprich 3
Where to purchase a European SIM card upon arrival in Paris
rode0045 5
Where to purchase cheap cell phones in Rome, Italy
bookbinder 3
Where to upload photos to share with buddies
Sue 7
Which cell phone
3ddana 14
Which contact phone number to provide to European B&B hosts?
Ruth 10
Which electric plug? Russia, Belarus,Poland ,and Scandinavia
Suzanne 2
Which GPS system is best for England
Isaac 5
Which is better, Kindle/iBook or paper?
ironage 3
Which Lens?
teani 5
Which Nikon camera should I buy to replace my D90?
Vickie 8
Which online service to use for airfare refund using EU law?
Erica 12
Which phone (Verizon iPhone 5, AT&T iPhone 4) for US T-Mobile SIM?
Stephen 6
Which SIM card would you recommend...
S J 4
Which tablet
Charles 21
WiFi Access in London
jerryhelms 4
Wifi and email on Tracfone smartphone
Sempre Italia 6
Wifi assist ate our data
Denny 11
Wifi calling in Europe with my USA phone
Will 5
WiFi GPS with an Ipod Touch
Michael... 3
Wi-Fi in European hotels
Debbie 9
Wi -Fi in Greece really safe?
monica 11