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Photos of tickets? How does that help?

In an unrelated topic someone mentioned that they don't trust using their phone altogether for tickets, reservations, etc., and that they take pictures of their documents and carry paper copies. I understand using paper copies, but how photos of tickets work - maybe help with hotel reservations, but museum, plane and train tickets? Maybe I don't understand how this works. Could one get a duplicate from the vendor if the pic is shown along with ID?
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I booked a spa visit the morning of, and as I don't have a printer at home, I took a photo of the onscreen ticket. I intended to just use it as a reference, but when I checked in, he could actually scan the Q square (or whatever that thing is called) right from the photo. I was amazed. So, depending on what is on the ticket, a photo might still be as functional as an app version (which usually doesn't need a paper version).
I don't know why people don't trust their phones, but then I haven't had a phone die on me yet. And, if they have the photo on their phone and it dies, then there is still no benefit over an app.

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I often take a ticket of my boarding pass or train ticket.

That way if I don’t have connectivity at the point where I need to show the ticket, it doesn’t matter. I can just call up the photo from my photo roll.

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We took a screen shot of our ticket with QR code for most of our transportation and museum tickets we used this summer. Worked like a charm so we didn’t have to rely on connectivity, it was in our Photos.

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What Kim and Mona said. I do it at home too. Another of the many reasons why my iPhone is an essential travel tool for me.

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I received my electronic ticket via email, and then downloaded the ticket to one of my note-taking apps on my iPhone. Specifically, you can use Notability or iBooks. Both have the capability to keep .pdf format images for easy access. No conductivity required because they are downloaded already to the app.

On the train, the attendant scanned the ticket and we were fine. Italy, Germany, and I understand the Netherlands have become seriously digital. You will not be in the minority if you have electronic tickets.

BTW, San Francisco Muni now encourages riders to use digital tickets for train and bus rides around the city. iPhones Rule!

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Ok, now I get it with the QR code thingy. Thank you all very much!

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I'm not sure about photos of tickets, as I normally use iWallet if I'm storing tickets on my iPhone. I still prefer using paper copies whenever possible as it's a darn nuisance to have to unlock the phone each time. Paper is also a good backup if the phone battery is flat or whatever.

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It helps in multiple ways.
1) as noted it can often be used as the ticket.
2). It does not require a cell network (I think loss of cell network /internet access is why folks don’t trust cell phones, it is not the phone but the connection that is the problem)
3). The numbers on the ticket may allow the agent to look up you ticket info.
4) You can (with time) print out a copy of the ticket on paper (I did this once in england at my hotel. I emailed the concierge and he printed them and gave them to me)

Case examples: last year in London on the way home I had issues with my boarding pass. Delta screwed something up and would. not print my pass. Part of the problem was a conflict with my trip the previous year and my flight into Germany. The agent at the counter could not find my history. I happened to have my ticket info and copies of my boarding passes from 2017 and the one to Germany in 2018. They called those up by the info on in the photos showed his manager who overrode the system and I had my pass in 10 minutes. Originally the agent was worried that it could take “hours” to find the problem. Of course I as still SSSS but at least I made the flight.

Case example two: I normally print out paper copies of everything I need and put it in a folder by day so I grab that day’s paperwork and I am all set. For instance if I am taking a train checking into a hotel, and then taking a tour I will have in that days envelope a copy of the train tickets, the reservation and the tickets for the tour, that way I don’t have to scramble. But somehow I put the tickets in the wrong days pouch and took them a day early. I had them in my back pocket and sat in a wet bench and they got wet. So I needed new copies. I sent them by email to the concierge and he set the bellhop up to my room with them.

Case example 3. I was had a car scheduled to take me and my elderly father to Heathrow from our hotel (MUCH EASIER on Dad the public transit). But somehow they where not sure of where to drop us at Heathrow, A quick glance at the ticket and away we went,

Case Example #4. I was taking. A taxis to my hotel in Paris. I speak very bad middle school French but that SHOULD get me buy yo get yo my hotel as I can speak/read French out loud fairly well (not sure what I am saying but I can pronounce the words written in the page pretty well). Problem was the taxis driver (like many/most in Paris) was not French and spoke about as bad of French as I do, I showed him my reservation he typed it into his GPS and off we went, similar thing happens on the next two taxis trips in Paris. And I even had an issue getting the correct train station.

Case Example #5. First trip to France in 2017. Staying at the Hilton? never the airport as it was train into Paris on my last night in France and a relatively early flight out, I asked for a wake up call and a shuttle bus to the airport. The Concierge asked some questions. I showed him my ticket info on my phone and he figured out my schedule and when yo get up and when yo take the bus. And where to get off the bus at.

So in just two trips having readily available copies of my tickets has made my trip easier on multiple occasions.


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Too funny in the light of this conversation — this morning I went on line to see how much the tickets will be for the exhibit at the Conciergerie on Marie Antoinette.

On the site, they specifically counseled ticket-buyers who plan to use their tickets electronically on their phones to take a screen shot or download their tickets to their phones, since there is particularly bad network reception at the entry point of the Conciergerie (I’m guessing the very thick stone walls are at fault??).

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Went to a game and at the entry, the ticket agent was able to scan the barcode of the pfd on my driod.

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Hello everyone:
Thank you so much for your help and knowledge. I took screen shots of my plane tickets saved to email, photos and downloaded to computer - so I'm covered. Next I will work on train and hotel reservations.

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Judy B: I have some things on my iPhone wallet
Thank you for the suggestion.

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Hi erob,
I like the Wallet on my iPhone but I also take paper copies of tickets and things for backup. Also, use email and photos.

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The Wallet on the iPhone is really helpful. I guess it makes sense though to have some backup in the unfortunate chance that you lose your phone, and even if everything is on the cloud... plus having all these identifying information on your phone is a potential security issue as well.

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AND ... if you are traveling with a companion, sending all this information to a second phone can be very useful. Last spring I left my phone behind in a Paris apartment but since DH had copies of our Tripit itinerary on his phone (and I also had paper copies of train tickets in my suitcase) we were able to carry on with minimal difficulties. (Phone was recovered when we returned to Paris at the end of the trip.)