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Phone in Italy

We are going to be in Tuscany for a month.. Where is the best place to buy a phone in Florence

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@ Judy,

I have not the slightest idea where to buy a phone in Florence.

but if you have a Quadband/GSM phone and its unlocked (or have it unlocked) you maybe able to just buy a sim there. Or, if your provider has an International plan, that maybe an option.

happy trails

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I have a 3-year-old TIM phone that I bought near the train station in Milano. It was about €30 and included some minutes. You can buy additional minutes at any kiosk or tobacco shop that has a sign for whatever phone you buy. My phone "plan" is continuous as long as I use the phone every 12 months. Since I spend a lot of time in Italy, it's cheaper to use the TIM phone I bought there than to continue paying my smartphone bill (I put my smartphone on vacation and the phone and data are turned off by the provider but other functions like camera. alarm still work; then I have it turned back on the day that I leave Italy).

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I'd suggest asking the desk staff at your hotel when you arrive there. I'm sure they will know the nearest and best cell shops, and there will likely be one close to the hotel. When I'm roaming in Italy, my phone often defaults to the TIM network, and it has always provided good coverage.

Note that you'll probably have to present your Passport to be "registered" when you purchase the phone. In the past, purchasers would also have to have a Codice Fiscale, but I'm not sure if that's still the case.

You might also using a phone or just a SIM card from one of the "travel phone" firms. If you need a list of some of the firms, post another note.

Do you presently have a cell phone and if so, which network are you with?

Happy travels!

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As Ken says, you'll need to present your passport when buying a SIM card at a TIM shop. I wasn't asked for a codice fiscale, however, and I don't know anyone who has found that to be required unless you are trying to top off your balance online (just go to Tabacchi or TIM stores instead). If you don't have an unlocked phone, you can buy a cheap, simple one for around 30€ at a TIM store as well. My SIM card was 10€ and included a 5€ balance for texts/calls.