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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Uh oh, packing plan upset by new health issue
Pastelholic 53
Ultralight luggage-Looking for the lightest luggage to check when flying in Europe
rhtravel 34
umbrella in carry on?
Kristen 26
Umbrellas, really.
bogiesan 7
Umbrella & towel
Ms B 39
Underseat Bag - Message for Rick
Sun-Baked in... 72
Under seat luggage information by airline
Sempre Italia 🇮🇹 21
Under seat luggage review and BTW, flying is challenging
Kathy 25
Unisex Undies
Colette 8
United Airlines baggage restrictions
sarawelch 7
United Airlines/Lufthansa Carry-on and personal item recommendations
schillpaw 14
United broke my zipper on my new Rick Steves suitcase!
brodsky49 19
United carry on
bsfmtb 6
United Economy Plus vs Economy
OnHoliday 17
United to Air Dolomiti
OnHoliday 1
Universal sink stopper - do I need one?
Mary 27
Unpacking List
BillP 34
Unusual toiletries bottles and containers
Geraldine 39
Updated advice on travel pillows
michterra 18
Updated Recommendations for Women's Wrinkle Resistant Dresses?
cprothero 19
Used suitcases and backpacks
Anne 6
Use net laundry bags to organize your packing.
Jude 12
Using a neck pillow as luggage
stan 4
Using Apple's AirTag in luggage
bogiesan 15
Using Fedex or UPS to ship luggage
Marcus 9
Using packing cubes or flat packs with the rolling carry on?
jtling 21
Frank II 6
Valet bag check for business class
Ladyvet27 5
Valuable purchases due to RS or forum recommendations
Jean 71
Valuables stolen from checked baggage - proof that carry-on is the only way to fly!
zotz20 13
Vanlison large shoulder bag
Lane 0
VA supplied medicines
boblhed 9
VAT Refunds
bebzphernz 12
Veloce bag for iPad?
jmhettenh 16
Veloce bag secret compartment
Lulu 8
Velocé Guide Bag for iPad
stoutfella 13
Veloce iPad bag?
jillmc 11
Veloce iPad bag hold small DSLR?
Wray 8
Veloce Shoulder Bag
Frank II 2
Veloce Shoulder Bag Personal Item?
joanneforsythe 2
Verage luggage
khansen 1
Very lightweight multi-purpose option for 2nd item on plane
Jean 7
Very specific hair dryer question
joncatmantim1 9
Vest or jacket?
sten 11
Vest (or waistcoat): what are the pros and cons?
avirosemail 42
Vests are now "officially" a travel hack
stan 26
Viking Search for Northern lights cruise in February.
jillsking16 0
Viking Search for Northern lights cruise in February.
jillsking16 6
Vitamins, calcium etc….Do you take them or leave them?
Lyndash 25
Vitamins/Prescriptions flying through England, Ireland, France
cbowers34 14