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storing luggage

hi. i was wondering if the there was a place to store my carry-on why explore the cities in Paris and Rome.
My hotel check-out time, I'm guessing for both cities, is around noon but my flight doesn't leave until 9pm.
i want to use this time to explore the cities with-out caring my luggage around and have it at risk of theft.
is there any place that i can store my luggage for a small fee?
thank you

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I usually ask at the hotel I was staying at to store the luggage. I have never been turned down.


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Hotels do it for free. They have storage rooms usually.

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Most hotels anywhere will store your luggage for you after checkout so you can pick it up later in the day. Some charge a fee, some don't. The only disadvantage is that you will have to double-back to the hotel.
Same applies of you arrive too early to check-in, most hotels will store your luggage until later.

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Bag storage at Paris Gare du Nord and Roma Termini train stations, on the other hand, is not free, expect to pay about 10 euros and also lock your bag.

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Yup, there's a 99% chance your hotel will do it. Probably for free. But if they won't, the big train stations have lockers. These will cost, but it won't be too expensive.

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I'll just add a few clarifications to what everyone, correctly posted above - that most hotels will store luggage for free, either before check in or after check out.

  1. EasyHotels do charge for this , as it's part of their business model. They are the only hotels I know of that don't do this for free.
  2. If you're staying in an apartment rather than a hotel, you cannot store your bags before check in time. There was a poster here who kept saying her "hotel" wouldn't store her bags, but then she clarified that she was using an apartment - different scenario.
  3. The storage varies in how secure it is. If there's anything you're really worried about, you may want to carry it with you. I've always left everything (including my netbook), and never had a problem, but that's no guarantee.
  4. Don't forget to allow enough time to get back to your hotel to retrieve your belongings, then from your hotel to the airport. If your flight is nonstop back to the US, you should be at the airport 3 hours before; if it's to another European airport for a connection, 2 hours is enough (although Rome is having all kinds of delays due to the fire - see this thread for some details, and find out the situation when you are there to avoid problems: