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Swiss Airlines and Zurich Airport

Planning to fly Swiss Airlines NONSTOP from the US to Zurich end of August.
Has anyone experienced this scenario with checked luggage. Wondering
if Swiss Airlines and Zurich Airport poses a problem with ever seeing my
checked luggage again.

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Well, one can not generalize from single cases, but both my husband and I flew Swiss airlines from the US this past May with checked luggage. We flew from US to Zurich to Athens to Chania, Crete without any incident.

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I flew Swiss Air nonstop Chicago to Zurich in June and had no problems. My checked bag arrived. They are very efficient at the Zurich airport. But that doesn’t mean they can’t experience problems on a given day. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. I’d suggest packing your “must haves” in a carry on bag.

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The horror stories about lost luggage lean heavily on the European side. Flights for the USA seem to be more reliable. However, checked baggage is not limited to mishandling by the luggage teams at either end of your flight. Bags may arrive safely but can disappear from the carousel before you can get to them.

I'm not paranoid; I simply learned many years ago to fly carryon-only.

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A relative left Boston yesterday the 5th, arriving direct in Zurich the morning of the 6th for the RS Tour starting the 7th. They had 1 checked bag and there were no issues departing or arriving.

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Thank you so much for your responses. There is nothing like reading
actual experiences to assist in making decisions.