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Swiss Alps packing advice

We are spending a week in the mountains (Murren), around the third week in June, and I am unsure about what to pack for this leg of the journey.

Would a tri-climate coat be overkill? Woolen sweater needed?

We have the hiking shoes and good quality socks, and I'm thinking about layering, but the outer coat needs to be wind and waterproof, not so?

I am familiar with staying in Colorado mountains in August, and it was quite warm then, but not Swiss Alps.

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It will get nippy at night, but not really cold. There is no need for a tri-climate coat. Just layer a sweater under a rain proof jacket and you'll be fine. If you're really worried then bring a light weight silk long underwear shirt to wear under your clothes. If you are truly concerned then think about packing a very light weight down/polyfill vest.

The key is to layer as needed.

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Any day can be different and unpredictable, of course - but at that time of the year I'd be in short sleeves or sleeveless and probably shorts. That's for walking all around both sides of the valley and as high as Kleine Scheidegg unless it is raining in which case probably long trousers and short sleeves.

For a run up to Jungfraujoch it will be adding a decent coat, gloves and hat. It can be really cold up there and high winds. Don't forget that you will be next to, inside, and on top of a glacier.

But I'm a man, what do I know from clothes?

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I forgot about the gloves and I agree. I have a pair of light weight silk "Windstopper" bike gloves in black that live in my carry on bag. Just enough for cool/cold conditions.

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I've been to that area a few times during the summer and three of the four times I visited, the weather was beautiful and sunny but cool at night. On our trip a few years ago (in early July), it was rainy and stormy. I was glad to have a waterproof coat but wished I had a pair of warm socks and one warmer base layer. It sounds like you have the right idea with good socks and a waterproof coat. Happy travels!

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Thanks. This gives me a better idea. Probably use just the shell from the tri climate Northface jacket? I do have some silk type thermal underwear.

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Hi Ginger, I loved Murren, I think it's the most beautiful place I've ever been to. I was there in mid-May and the weather was great. The sun was very warm and I over-dressed for hiking with jeans, a fleece, and a rain jacket. Just a short sleeved T-shirt and fleece would have been fine. It was cooler in the evenings but never got cold enough to wear a fleece and jacket. I hope you have good weather and have a great time!