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Hi, does anybody know where is a good place to buy a suitcase in Scotland? That's not too expensive. I am taking one suitcase and I want to buy one there to put my souvenirs in to bring back.

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Scotland is a pretty civilized place and I'm sure that you can find a store selling bags. That said, you can always pack a light-weight duffle bag to pack with your clothing in need of laundry service for your return. Only problem may be safely packing your bottle of local whiskey in your checked bag, but you can try encasing the bottle(s) with your clothing.

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I would suggest taking a very cheap, lightweight nylon duffel bag with me. They fold flat and take up zero room.

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Yes you can bring back whiskey. I brought back several miniatures and even a 20 cl bottle of single malts and experience joy and memories just looking at them.

Generally, one liter of alcohol per person may be entered into the
U.S. duty-free by travelers who are 21 or older....

PS. The Edinburgh "Scotch Whisky Experience" is well worth the entry tariff if you have any interest the Scottish water of life. Their gift shop sells a large number of single malts and blends in smaller bottles. That said the better experience is coming across local distilleries in your Scottish travels.

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teani, assuming you're >21 you can bring back as much as you want, you just are supposed to declare more than one liter at customs on re-entry to the US, and be prepared to pay duty on more than one liter. The trick is to pack it well enough to survive the journey in the checked bag, since you can't board the aircraft with it in your carryon. There are plastic bubble wrap packing bags you can use, and pack your clothes around it for cushioning.

PS on your return, take your non-liquid souvenirs in your carryon, and pack your dirty clothes and expendables in your checked bag.

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Ray is correct but it applies to a very limited situation. Once you are behind security, you can buy liquor or anything else at the duty free shops and carry on to your plane BECAUSE you are behind security. However, if you have a connecting flight anywhere that is outside of security, then it will have to go into your checked bags. But if you do not have access to your checked bags, it is a throw away.

Once we carried on a couple bottles of wine specifically chosen for screw caps and drank them during a ten hour return flight. Later learned we were not supposed to do that either but no one said anything.

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Re duty free purchase of liquids and reentry gateway not final destination.

If your reentry US Cistoms gateway is not your final destination, you will need to collect checked baggage for customs then recheck your bags.

If you purchased liquids in excess of the TSA limit for carry-on at your departure point, you can transfer the liquids to your checked bag (s) before rechecking them to your final destination.

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I was asked to bring several large bottles of hand sanitizer when I went to Africa. The bottles were in thin plastic so I was worried about breakage in my check through bag (which had a lot of other medical supplies). My solution was to buy plastic Rubbermaid-type shoeboxes and put the hand sanitizer in them. Just wrap the bottles in newspaper, place them in the plastic shoebox, fill all the corners with more newspaper, and then tape the box shut. Make sure the plastic tape seals the box "just in case". Place the box into a packable duffle and check. If possible, try to pad the box in the middle with other things, such as wool sweaters etc.
So... bring a packable duffle with you and then buy a plastic shoe box in Scotland. It's much cheaper and less time consuming than buying new luggage.

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TSA changed the rules.

Recent inbound international changes

You may now carry liquids more than 100 mL in your carry-on bag if:

-You are traveling internationally into the United States with a connecting flight,
-they are in transparent containers,
-you bought them at a duty-free shop, and
-the store packed them in a secure, tamper-evident bag.

If your liquids are not in a secure, tamper-evident bag, you must pack them in your checked bag.

If the liquids alarm during screening, we will need to screen them further

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The collapsible bag that I've used for years for shopping, souvenirs, laundry, etc. is Rick's Hide-Away Tote. I use it to carry on my more valuable or fragile non-liquid items on the flight home. Bottles and other heavy items, I wrap as securely as possible in plastic bags and clothing inside my main bag and consign that to checked luggage.