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Superb customer service in replacing a Ravenna Rolling Case!

When we returned from the VFR Tour last month, I noticed one of the wheels on my 7-year old Ravenna Rolling Case was very wobbly, especially compared to the other wheel. Without knowing whether it would be covered under warranty, I emailed the RSE office to inquire. They had me send a video of the wheels and, shortly thereafter, I received an email saying they would replace the case for free. I was flabbergasted. The most I was expecting was maybe a referral to a repair shop or how to replace a wheel myself. I was certainly not expecting a free replacement. I received the new case today, a week after I first emailed them. THAT is excellent customer service and has made us RSE customers for life!

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They replaced one for us when the handle came off. When my husband looked closer at it, it was obvious that one of the screws had missed its target when it was made. He drilled a new hole, and now we both have a Ravenna.

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The handle on my 6-year-old RS Rolling Carry-On quit retracting when I got home from a 25-day trip in June, it’s third trip to Europe and several domestic trips. I’m not always gentle hauling the suitcase around, pulling and pushing it up and down Venice bridge stairs. I had no expectations that RS would do anything except maybe refer me to somewhere to get repair parts. They asked for pictures, then emailed me to say they were replacing the suitcase. I was very happily surprised. Their excellent customer service is why I take RS tours and buy their products.

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Yes, their customer service is outstanding. I got a new R. Steves' rolling bag last year to replace one I had had since 2008 and used on many, many trips domestic and to Europe. While on my Loire to South of France tour this fall I noticed stitching on an outside pocket was coming undone. When I got home I sent photos to show the problem. I was promptly told I would be receiving a replacement. I especially appreciated their suggestion I give the current bag to a shelter or other charity as it was still usable.

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Hmmm, I swear by the RS hanging toiletry bags and have probably bought a half-dozen of them over the years - in fact, I just bought two more during the half-price sale. I've never found any other similar bag that is so functional. They are very lightweight and easily packable due to the thin nylon used, but they tend to come apart at the seams after a while. I never thought to let them know. Anyone else have this problem with the hanging bags?
They used to come in more colors, which is good for multiple people sharing bathrooms, but now just red and black. I still have an old yellow one but it's really getting holy (or holey?). :D

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No matter how cheap/expensive suitcase I buy, the wheels break. My next rolling carry on will be a RS bag.

For Europe, we always do carry on when we leave and occasionally, usually due to purchases of liquids, do checked bags when we return. For our last trip, I used my Travelpro which had just had a wheel replaced. Of course, the wheel didn't last, and now I'm considering repair vs. new purchase.

Occasionally, we use a checked bag when we go to Hawaii or to visit a kid and want to bring some extra things. I am likely to do a checked bag when we go to New Zealand in January. Our current larger, rolling checked bag is too big and too heavy to be practical. Like when its full, it can end up overweight. So, this is a long way of saying, I really wish RS would do a larger, high quality bag.