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Substitutes for sugar tablets for diabetics

Let's compile a list of substitutes for sugar tablets for those who need them.

  1. Skittles
    Pros: lightweight and available at lots of places. Relatively long shelf life.
    Cons: not individually packaged.

  2. Sugus like, store brand candies
    Pros: lightweight, don't melt. Individually packaged. Cheap if purchased at the right places. I bought a bag of 30 at a supermarket in Portugal for less than 2 euros.
    Cons: prices vary. For example, a similar bag costs 6CHF in Zurich.

  3. Chocolate bars
    Pros: tasty not just as a glucose booster.
    Neutral: packaging varies
    Cons: most are of larger sizes. Melts easily.

  4. Granola bars
    Pros: easily available everywhere. Don't melt much. Individually packaged.
    Cons: usually larger in size. Contents vary. Lower glycemic.

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Anything you can get your hands on that is high in simple carbs and low in fat or protein, which could slow glucose absorption. Non diet soda, orange juice. A piece of fruit. Of course a diabetic with any history of hypoglycemia should never be without at least a few glucose tablets.