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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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What do you like least about traveling?
Pilgrim 107
What do you put all your little things in?
Lulu 30
What do you think of this carryon?
Lulu 21
What fun/luxury/indulgent item can you not live without when you travel?
Jill M. 81
What happened to the belt clip on the Back Door Bag?
levbarg 3
What has got your luggage searched?
Nicole P 88
What if .... I run low on meds?
Jim 10
What I packed vs what i wore: summer
travel4fun 0
what is allowed for carry on-domestic and international?
3ddana 10
what is the cheapest carry on bag i can buy for 21 day tour?
hockmasm 32
What is the Official Approved Carry on Bag size
carmen 16
What is your laundry philosophy?
Cerastez 40
What items did you pack and not use
emd9930 93
What I've bought so far...
advocatecare 42
What jacket to pack for Christmas Markets trip
Sue 19
What kind of luggage locks?
acady 17
What non-essential item(s) do you pack?
horsewoofie 116
What's a good hat for a man to wear in Paris in June?
tomkopff 17
what should i pack for desert safari dubai? (packing tips)
Josephfifi 4
What size luggage
drthetford1 36
What size purse to bring to Paris, Venice, Munich?
Jess 10
What's the most USELESS item you ever packed?
Zoe 120
What's Your Preference? Spinner Luggage or Traditional Wheeled?
AllieH 12
What to Bring?
holloway.lauren 26
What to carry in day bag?
CoKaLa 26
what to do on the plane?
horsewoofie 33
What to do with a C Pap machine
mrsemysmith 6
What to do with old luggage?
Zoe 24
What to list on luggage tags
Mindfulness 12
What to pack 10 days Venice, Florence and Rome in Mid-october
Sweetpea13 20
What to pack - Dec travel - France/Germany/Belgium
cseverin821 13
What to pack for 5 weeks!
Kathi 29
What to pack for April-May travels in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Estonia?
fepm49 10
What to pack for British Isles?
leequann 7
What to pack for Italy
akaangelceci2 4
What to pack for September trip?
advocatecare 21
What to pack for Staying well
Fitz 11
What to pack in carry on bag
Sasha 22
What to pack (men & women) for a Prague concert on RS tour?
Texas girl 4
What to wear?
teani 12
What to wear on plane
Lulu348 16
What travel gifts did you get for the holidays?
Mardee 34
What we took to Europe and how it worked out
dpalmier53 2
What would you do?
Frank II 45
Wheeled Backpack Recommendations
Cyndi 10
Wheeled underseat bag recommendation
sandybwb 16
kjmoller 17
When do you start packing your clothes?
Lulu348 25
When is a bag not a legal bag?
phred 26
When is it too early to pack....?
Wray 108