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Shipping luggage from Venice to Rome?

We are touring Italy prior to a cruise from Rome. The clothing for our cruise will be very different (formal wear & bathing suits). My thought is to take one suitcase with cruise clothes and when we arrive in Venice immediatly ship that suitcase to our departure hotel in Rome. Has anyone done anything like this? Is there a place within the Venice airport where I can do this? Suggestions appreciated.


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15404 posts will store your luggage while you are in Venice if you want (at 7 euro/day per luggage piece), and also ship it to your hotel in Venice, but I don't think they'll ship it to a hotel all the way in Rome. Also it's not a guarantee your hotel in Rome will store your luggage for days before your arrival. Generally they do so for hours (before checking in or after check out) but not sure for days.

There are companies however that can ship your luggage all the way to your home country if you want, that way you don't need to worry about it at all for the rest of your trip. It's not cheap though. It's about 100 to 200 euro per suitcase based on dimensions.

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Hotel in Rome has confirmed that they will hold luggage, shipping luggage back to US isn't needed.

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The same companies given above (and many similar ones) will deliver your luggage to Rome at your hotel. In that case the cost would be much less. I tested with Global Services and got the estimate for 2 suitcases under 25kg each. The total cost was under 30 euro for both.