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Skorts for happy inner-thighs

I like to wear skirts but the hate inner-thigh chafing that occurs when walking long distances during hot weather (hello Italy in the summer!) I recently discovered the glory of skorts (shorts that look like skirts) and wanted to share the love!
Skorts are kind of liberating - none of the tugging and straitening that normally happens with skirts, and I am less concerned with sitting perfectly lady-like all the time :)
I found a few good options at Athletica but would be happy if anyone has recommendations for other good brands. Those with hidden pockets are especially welcome!

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I have a couple of skorts from Athleta that I have worn many times for European travel and also for bike/barge trips. While I love, love the Athleta brand, I have also seen and bought some at REI.

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I recently bought these from QVC; very comfy! Wearing them right now! I feel like I'm wearing longish shorts and I find them very comfortable for walking, sitting, etc. I realize the quantities available for this particular style are limited. But they carry similar ones in this line (Denim & Co.); just use their Search feature. Also, for some dressier styles and fabrics, check out these from Susan Graver, also sold by QVC.

Those particular skirts are full skirts with fairly long shorts underneathe. Back in the day, though, 'skort' meant shorts with a skirt 'front'. Be advised. I took 2 pairs on my first European trip 17 years ago, and loved being able to wear a slightly dressier 'skirt' while actually wearing shorts for 5 weeks during a deadly heatwave!

BOO on inner thigh chafing!!!

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I like this skort from Lands End. It is a chino blend and is a comfortable just-above-the-knee length for me (21.5 inches). It is available in khaki, black and navy. I also like the non-athletic look. Just wish it had pockets.

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On another thread, someone mentioned "slip shorts" as an alternative under skirts for the chafing issue.

Being of a certain age, my legs are certainly beyond being shown in short skirts, shorts or skorts. Some of "us" may remember culottes from the dim dark ages 40+ or so years ago. They worked like pants for putting on and taking off. They were more like a below the knee skirt that was divided in the middle and much more attractive than some of those that are trying to make a comeback this year. They look like capri or ankle length tubes on each leg -- too much volume for pants, too little for culottes. This is a link to an article about them showing some that look good as well as some that are really ugly. Here's another one.

If you are young enough and have the legs for it, skorts are much more attractive. But the skorts that look like shorts from the back but a skirt from the front seem odd to me. Unless they are stretchy enough to pull down and up, where does that flap go when you visit the WC? The ones that actually have a skirt over the shorts in the back, but work like shorts when you need to take them off seem much more flattering and practical to me.

So to help avoid chafing: skorts for anyone who would normally wear a very short skirt, culottes for those of us who wouldn't and slip shorts for everyone?

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Jockey has a line of undies for under skirts and dresses. I think they are "Skimees" if I remember correctly. I got a pair in shorter length and longer length, just to address the chafing. Love them.

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Eileen, love those skorts! Lo, I remember culottes. Those updated ones are very cute.

Another thing that works are biking shorts. The black, knit, close fitting kind, that come to about one inch above the knee. Sold in sporting good stores or online/catalog by Athleta and also Title Nine Sports. These can be worn underneath a skirt (or dress) that comes to the knee, so you can walk up stairs with confidence that no one below is getting a peep show of your undies. Also good for preventing chafing. Also a good place to tuck in your waist money belt, so it's not dangling under your skirt or dress.

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I completely agree!

I ordered a couple of "Pettipants Nylon Culotte Slip" - black culotte slips, for previous trips to Europe. I see they're still available through Amazon in black or white. I mostly wore dresses in both Italy & in Paris and southern France because they are much cooler, and I like looking nicer when I'm traveling.

I like them so well that I wear them whenever I'm wearing a dress.

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Emergency rx for chafing -- used when my 10-year-old was in pain while on a hike miles from anyplace : long-sleeved t-shirt worn upside down on the legs. Not fashion-forward but it got us home without further tears. Skorts look MUCH better!!
Eileen, will you be modelling at July meeting?

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I found some skorts at REI and Bass Pro Shop, I usually look in the sale section. I generally buy the store label and not the brand labels to save money.

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I couldn't agree with Andrea more! The product that Jockey sells are wonderful, and I think the best solution to avoiding chafing, and to prevent exposing more skin than you would like. I wear skorts at home often and they are wonderful, but while traveling I find they are very heavy and often hot! The slipshorts or Skimmees are lightweight, come in many colors and two lengths. They wash easily and dry quickly. The advantage is in hot, humid climates you can pull a skirt on and feel so much cooler than in shorts or skorts. It's the natural air conditioning at work!

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Under longer skirts, these cotton batiste items work well in hot weather. Lightweight and thin.

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I love skorts and I am of the age that used to wear culottes! These from Duluth are skirts with shorts sewn in flap and the length is to the top of my knee. They dry fast and stay nice looking for days!

Duluth Skorts