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Sleeveless maxi dress for Vienna in September?

We will be in Vienna for a week in mid-September, after ten days in Slovenia. I am thinking of taking my favorite long summer dress---sleeveless, cool and comfortable---for dinners out in the evening. Or am I wrong in thinking it will still be quite warm at this time? (I will have a jacket I can wear over it).

Also, is this type of dress considered more resort-or cruise-wear than city attire?

Not our first trip to Europe (more like the 20th), but the first time in Vienna ( and Slovenia).

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Without seeing the dress, it's impossible to say whether or not it would be too casual. Much would depend on it's cut and fabric. However, projected temps ( for what that's worth) are for daytime highs in the low to mid twenties (celcius). For me, that would mean cool evening temps - enough to warrant a light cardigan or pashmina. But I ALWAYS pack at least one pashmina. They always come in handy.

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Mid-September can be unpredictable but should still be pretty warm. Evenings even now in July can be cool, however.

As for the style aspect, you will be just fine. Vienna is quite casual. So long as you pay, no one cares what you wear.

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Thanks! I don't think of it as too casual---it is not flimsy, floaty, flowery, or Bohemian. It is a simple, fitted cut in lightweight knit; solid black with three color-block pieces in blue and green on the bodice. The style is like this but not a print, just the solid black and three wide stripes:

We are going to dinner at Meierei for dinner one night but haven't made other Vienna plans yet. We have an apartment so will not be going out every night. ( My sister, who with her husband will be staying with us in the apartment, offered to treat us to dinner at Steiereck, but that is a bit rich for our tastes; we prefer a place like Meierei). I will likelynwear a dress at least one night in Ljubljana as well.

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Beautiful dress, wear it! Bring a light weight black sweater just in case it is cool. I have been to Vienna and went to the Volksopera ( the other opera house in Vienna, not the state theatre). Vienna is a wonderful city filled with lots of lovely cafes and venues for concerts and operas! You can wear that dress in any European city, it is chic and yet not overly formal.

Have a great time!