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Shout out for RS replacing my bag

I know I've read other posts by people who were happy with the customer service when buying/returning Rick Steves gear, but I have to share my experience. I reached out to RS customer service a few months ago just to sound them out re: a couple of fabric rips/fraying in my 20-inch roller. The bag is about 4 years old and I've probably used it twice a year, on average. When I emailed them I honestly didn't have any expectations ... but a day later I heard back. They asked me for pictures, my address, and confirmation as to what color it was. I had a death in the family and didn't get around to sending the pics until last week. Again, they replied in less than 24 hours and told me they would send me a replacement that day. I received it yesterday ... and I'm still just overwhelmed by the fabulous customer service. Five stars!!

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Customer Loyalty is alive and well in Edmonds, Washington. Nice story - thanks for sharing it.

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Had the opposite experience. Sent my bag back at my own expense. Same bag RS purports to have used for decades. Bag's lining had torn, one of the two zipper pulls had come off, and a length of zipper teeth were insecure. (I was walking around Copenhagen with clothes spilling out onto the street.) This after just two 10 day trips abroad! Customer service sent it back, calling it normal wear and tear.

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And I have had the same experiences at the others, except for Eric's. I would recommend you call the office and speak directly to someone there. Your experience is an out-of-the-norm occurrence.

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I have had a few bags replaced by RS customer service and they have been very good about it.

But the question you have to ask is.....why are so many of their bags having problems?

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I have to pay a luggage repair man as I blught my RSluggage at a retail store and they will not cover my bag at RS. I keep getting it repaired as it isn’t made any more,the old US compliant carry on, 21-22”. The fabric is wearing thin and tears.