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Slimming down your guide book

I ripped out the sections of the RS Italy book that covered the cities we will be visiting. At the front of each section I slipped in pages with my notes like how to get to our hotel, our train ticket verification codes etc then took the whole thing to Kinkos where they bound it with a spiral for $6. It's about 1/3 of the size of the original book and has all my information in one place.

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thank you for the report. We go to Europe every summer for 12 of the last 13 years and have taken a RS tour each year. We have always taken the entire RS guide book that covers our tour. Since we get two guide books for our trip each year I will definitely try your method this coming summer. thanks

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I've used the spiral method for several years now, although I use Fed Ex. The quick and cheap method sounds good, too, but I like the flexibility the spiral binding gives. It seems easier to use when I can open it flat or fold it back at any page. I tear pages out when I'm done with them,so the book is getting lighter as I go.

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Much like the linked article I tear out the sections for the cities I will visit and paperclip them individually, then throw them away or leave behind as I am done with a location. Not quite as neat as binding them but when I end up with zero pages, i know the trip is over. I keep the travel & ticket info separately.