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Shipping from Bergen

After 15 days in Norway, we will get off a cruise ship and head off on our own. We want to ship our "cruise ship suitcase" back to Edmonds and use our backpacks for the rest of our trip. Does anyone know how to ship a suitcase from Bergen to the US? Thanks!

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I would look for a DHL or fedex office.

Fedex shows Norway as a serviced country, but I do not have a fedex acct so could get no shipping estimate

On the DHL site a 40 lb 25" x 15" x 10" pkg is about $260 * Just a WAG on luggage size)

Only other thought I have is see what the Post Office can do for you.

Hopefully someone has a better ( cheaper) idea.

Maybe the cruise line concierge can offer a suggestion?

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Nothing is cheap.

You might be able to check with the cargo division of your airline. I did that once about a hundred years ago.

None of the options will be cheap -- and especially not from Norway!!!

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First, I encourage you to pack lighter. Second, if what you send back can be accurately described as "American Goods Returned," then designate that on the customs form.

Post office prices depend mostly on weight, but also on size and shape. If you really needed to mail something, it would be better off fitted into one of their boxes instead of a whole suitcase.