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Driving v. Taking the Train -- Bergen to Oslo
katie.v 4
Biking Tour de Dovre
katiencstate 1
Biking suggestions other than Rallarvegen
katiencstate 0
Norway in a Nutshell in 8 hours from Flam
Kathy 2
Hurtigruten Bergen to Kirkenes Experience or a Better Way?
Kathy 5
Bygdoy on a weekend or not?
kathy 1
Bergen-Oslo Porter Service
Kathryn 0
Thrifty Travel for Senior Couple
Kathleen 8
Campsite and other recommendations on my route?
katedecosmo 0
Night Train from Oslo to Stavanger
kateb 5
Nutshell on our own
katborch 3
Oslo to Myrdal
katborch 1
norwegian air
kat7b 11
Norway & Sweden - 8 weeks $20000 US
karry_naidu 3
Overnight Train from Bergen to Oslo. Power outlets in sleep compartments?
karlhoufek 0
Bergen and Fjords
karjoka8 6
Car ferry to Eidsdal (from Geiranger or Hellesylt)
karin.somers 2
Kayaking- which is the prettiest place?
KarenTS 2
Baking class in Bergen
KarenTS 1
Is it worth getting off the ferry to see the town Geiranger?
KarenTS 7
Which is prettier for kayaking: Loen or Olden?
KarenTS 1
Advice for Norway in a Nutshell
Karen 4
Stalheim Hotel
Karen 2
trains Stockholm to Oslo
Karen 2
Norway/Sweden Itinerary
karen 2
Need help with Norway itinerary
karen 0
Yet Another NIN Question!
karen 7
Help with itinerary-schedule for a Norway-Sweden road trip from 6/5 to 6/13/19
kamelo37 17
Leaving Bergen
jwstahl49 5
Driving In Norway
jwahl54 2
Cycling in Norway
justpegmensinger 1
Norway road trip - 11 days in June
justine 3
Norway in a Nutshell - which direction?
Justin 1
Help with a Norway itinerary
Justin 1
Flamsbana ride down from Myrdal: 15 minutes enough at the top?
jungnampl 4
Geiranger shore excursions - RIB duo combo tour
jungnampl 6
Nigardsbreen Planning Questions
julieturneraz 2
Folk Art Workshops and Cooking Classes
julieturneraz 4
"Good" place to stop on the Oslo to Bergen train line
Juliette 1
Cash in Norway-what size bills accepted?
julierbaker 6
Gottenburg to Bergen
JulieinVT 0
Norway in a Nutshell
julie713 3
Viking Museums
julie713 8
Norway in a Nutshell Trains/Bus booking question
julie713 2
another NIN question
julie713 2
hurtegruten ferry - how to buy tickets? which direction is best? ETC
juliavblake 6
train between Oslo and Bergen
juliavblake 7
which train from Oslo airport to city center?
juliavblake 1
Hurtigruten ships- alcohol?
juliavblake 3
Tipping in Norway, especially cab drivers
juliavblake 3