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Bergen to Oslo with kids

My husband and I are taking our five and seven year old sons to Denmark and Norway at the very end of May/early June in 2016. We will be arriving in Denmark on May 29th and plan on arriving in Bergen via the overnight ferry on Monday, June 6th. We plan on staying a full day and two nights in Bergen to allow us to do laundry and catch up on whatever extra tasks have come up while traveling with the kiddos on that day. We plan to take the express boat down to the Sognefjord on Wed and then we intend to be in Oslo by Saturday afternoon for an early Monday flight back to the states.

I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to lay out a plan in that region. Our goals are to enjoy the scenery, do as much hiking as the five year olds legs can handle, stick to public transportation and not change hotels every night.

I'd love feedback on expanded versions of the NIN loop and any information people have on apartments or family friendly hotel options.

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If I can make a suggestion, you shall consider going to Bergen Aquarium.
Feeding penguins and the sea lions show make it alone great enterteinment for both kids and parents.

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We returned mid-Sept. from Scandinavia after taking a Baltic cruise. We flew from Copenhagen to Oslo for $73 each on Norwegian Air Shuttle--a 1 hr. ride. Then we took the Norway in a Nutshell tour which consisted of a 5 1/2 hour train ride, a 1 hr. train ride down into the fjord and a 5 hour fast tour boat ride into Bergen. It was a long day--arriving well after dark. The highlight was the 1 hr. train ride down into the fjord. The Sognefjord is pretty, but not that drop dead beautiful that I always assumed it would be.
We flew home from Bergen for the same price as flying from Oslo or Copenhagen. We found distances in the region to be farther than anticipated, and we found air travel easier than on the ground and by boat.
The people of Bergen are absolutely beautiful--and very sweet by nature. And since our weather was so good, we really enjoyed Bergen.

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Just curious to the Danish part of your trip. The overnight ferry you mentions, is that the Hirtshals-Bergen ferry?
Technically speaking the Sognefjord is north of Bergen, so that would be 'up to the Sognefjord'. As David says, it's rather pretty, but not the most spectacular fjord in Norway. The most spectacular and famous fjords are probably Geirangerfjord and Lysefjord, but their are a fair bit of distance from Bergen and you should not underestimate travel times in Norway.

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On the one day you are there, I would suggest taking the funicular up to the top of the overlook above the town of Bergen. It's a great view and there is a really nice playground for kids as well. If you want a tiny hike with them, then there is a small lake just up the trail from the lookout that is maybe a 10 - 15 minute walk up an easy trail! There are ducks and other birds, picnic tables if you want to pack a lunch, and a path around the lake. The map of the trails in the area is just next to the playground and you can easily find how to get to the lake...there are also carved trolls in the trees for your kids to spot! Might be a nice, relaxing way to have a break and give you enough time to do laundry, etc. as well that day.