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Opinion sought regarding Voss vs Bergen
nulahy 7
traveling without reservation
nun.yahbiz 7
Flying from Bergen to U.S. via Oslo
oboekm 4
Oslo to Bergen to Kristiansand: Trek, boat, and ?
Ocean Lover... 1
What To Drop From Itinerary?
oday1976 13
is it too much to visit denmark, sweden, norway in 10 days?
Olivia 9
NIN by ourselves?
Olivia 3
bergen to lofoten islands
Olivia 7
hotel thuegarden in balestrand
Olivia 0
Cruise vs land tours that include Trondheim Norway
onlyme04 13
Norway Company Nordic Visitor
onlyme04 2
Train journeys
onlyme04 2
Oslo Hotel Question
OnTheGo 4
Overnight in Flam -- NIN Tour
OnTheGo 2
Please Critique: Family of 4 Month Long Scandinavia Itinerary + Berlin
orangepips 0
transport from bergen airprt
otte621 2
Bergen Sognefjord Stave Church Oslo How To Details
Otter Travels 9
wifi hotspot rental for cell phone coverage in Tromsó
ottla2 1
4 days Tromsø 2 days Bergen
ozburn.renee7 1
Norway Nutshell experts : Is this feasible ? Oslo to Borgund to Gol by car and then...
paa3369 6
Norweigian Air
pacerg 5
Getting from Copenhagen to Oslo
pahendry 4
Train Or Car
paige.gerard.... 1
Which fjord cruises?
Pam 11
Norway in a Nutshell
pam_3 3
Transit Visa information request - Norway
pandalyr 5
Card vs cash in Scandinavia
parkkar54 3
Norway in a Nutshell
Pat 5
Scandinavia Tour: RS, Insight, Trafalgar, Member Choice (AAA)
Pat 10
Sognefjord and RS Scandinavia Tour
Pat 1
R/T Bergen Norway in a Nutshell
Pat 1
Pat 2
The Flam Railway (sightseeing train)-one way-Myrdal-then train to Oslo
Pat 3
Balestrand ferry timing - cutting it close?
PatK 2
One week Norway itinerary
Patrice 5
Advice on my winter Norway itinerary
patrice_obrien 13
Stay in Balestrand and not miss Naeroyfjord when doing Nutshell Oslo to Bergen direction?
Patricia 4
Renting a car and taking the train from Oslo to NIN/Sognefjord
Patricia 6
Storage lockers in Flam?
Patricia 3
8 Days in Norway - Thoughts on Itinerary
Patricia 6
Oslo to Bergen via NIN side stay in August 2024 - your input requested
Patricia 3
NiN - Ferry to Bergen or the traditional land part?
Patricia 7
Hotel Kviknes
Paul 1
'Norway in a Nutshell' or ''Songefjord in a Nutshell' tour?
Paula 3
overnight parking in Bergen Norway
Paula 2
Tour Guide from Flam
Paula 1
Closest Hotel to the Oslo Train Station
Paula 10
Lavik, Norway
paulamattson3932 0
Best Nutshell time options if staying the night in Flam
paulette 6
Norway in a Nutshell trains are booked!
paulinomohs 7