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Problems with magnetic credit cards in Norway?

Someone posted on the Sweden forum that they had difficulty using magnetic credit cards on a recent trip, that retailers only accepted chip & pin cards. Has anyone who has been to Norway recently noticed the same thing?

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I last visited Norway Winter 2012 and my mag strip Capital One Visa worked fine. Prior to my departure I bought NSB train tickets via the web collecting tickets at the stations ticket machine. I even bought train tickets using the automatic ticket machine (with help from the person stationed at the machines). She explained that I needed to use my PIN number at the ticket machine in lieu of signing if I recall correctly. Definitely no problem paying hotels and restaurants including a mountain lodge in the outback.

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I just returned from Norway and had no trouble with my magnetic-strip credit card. It was accepted everywhere I went. Have a good trip.

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My wife and I visited Norway for two weeks in June. Magnetic stripe cards work fine--but only if you know the PIN for your card (it was printed on the paper your new card was glued to when you received it, or you can contact your bank to get it). Perhaps 5% of the time, the PIN wasn't needed, but the other 95% ...