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Norway in a Nutshell Costs and Lodging
llmccauley 3
Looking for a good itinerary to visit some of the Nordic countries as well as other...
LM 1
Alesund to Bergen in 1 Day - What Would You Do?
lmackert 7
Bergen to Stockholm
lmacuna 4
Renting an automatic transmission car near Otta
lmcclel3 3
Midsummer in Bergen, Norway
Lo 4
Two weeks in Tromso starting 1 Feb, 2018 for Northern Lights too early? too long?
Lolo 6
Would like to see Borgund church in Flam
lorali 2
Cruising the West Coast of Norway in June
Lori Anne 6
Norway Late March/Early April 2019 - ? downhill skiing and nature sightseeing
Lorilei 5
Itinerary for 2 weeks in Norway
lorna.thomas 2
Is adding Norway to a Europe trip doable?
lorri229 9
Questions about booking transatlantic & in-Norway flights
Louise 6
norway tour companies
loulu3 0
Leikanger - good destination?
love2scope 2
Where to spend Christmas 2017? Copenhagen? Oslo? Stockholm?
Love2Travel 0
Flam/Aurland to Borgund Stave Church WITHOUT a car?
loveglobe 2
A few hours in Finse to see the glacier?
loveglobe 2
Morning Bus from Flam to Sogndal?
loveglobe 1
Fast Ferry Experience from Flam to Bergen
lrmiller32 2
How do you get from Balestrand to Voss?
Lu Ann 2
Norway in a nutshell in december
lucky3rtean 3
Train & Ferry or Rental Car: which is more economical?
lucy 6
One week in winter. But where?
lud 3
Looking for help to finalize a Scandinavian tour for 15 days in July (Denmark, Norway...
LuN 7
Bergen Norway Transportation card
lwinter.1445 1
Cruise or land trip
Lynn 15
Scandinavian Tour
Lynn 9
Just Getting Started... Iceland and Norway
Lynne 6
Flam to Balestrand?
lynneweiss23 7
Bergen, Bergenstad
lynnie.michelson 1
Geiranger to nearby Saebo or Orsta
lynnmurphy777 2
public places to test your blood pressure in Norway
lynnmurphy777 12
Unfortunate outbreak among ship's crew....
Maggie 8
Stigull Floating Ladder in Norway - anyone game?
Maggie 2
Need itinerary for W. Norway May 27-June 8, 2024
magidvolk 8
van camping in W. Norway recommendation
magidvolk 1
Where to start the trip
mainegirl1223 6
How's this for a 6 day Itinerary
mainegirl1223 3
Help Needed to Book Trains or Bus from Bergen and recommended itinerary
Maja 8
Transport from airport to boat terminal
malanaandjeff 3
December 2017 Winter Scandinavian Trip
malibudollface 8
Places to stay between Oslo and Bergen
mamaljt 2
Staying within 4 hours west of Oslo?
mamaljt 2
ATM/Cash or Credit cards?
mamaljt 5
Day trip on boat/ferry out of Flam?
mamaljt 1
Staying halfway to Flam on E16 route
mamaljt 1
Car rental
mamaljt 2
Cruise options: Alesund/Bergen VS Maloy/Ulvik
marcantoineka... 3
Looking for Norway Cruise Advice
Marcus 10