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Flam to Mydral train- what happens if I have pre purchased ticket and miss the train

I'm doing the Norway in a Nutshell tour in reverse (west to east). Specifically on May 12 I will be traveling in from Balestrand to Flam, arriving in Flam by Ferry at 13:25. Once in Flam I plan to catch the 13:35 Flam to Mydral train (hoping 10 minutes is enough). I know the ferry dock and train station are very close and I have the following questions. -- 1) if I pre purchase train tickets for the 13:35 train AND I miss the train, will the tickets be accepted on the next train? -- 2) which side of the train is best when going in this direction? I'm sure both sides are great but if I have a choice I would like to select the most scenic side.

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I'll be doing the same itinerary a few days later. As far as which side of the train to sit, opinions are split among some previous travelers whose comments I've read online. Some have said it doesn't matter, the scenery's just as good either way, and others indicated the west side (right side going uphill) Flåm > Myrdal was better for scenery viewing.

I assume you have a must-make connection in Myrdal for Oslo which necessitates that you take the 13:35 train out of Flåm? If the connection in Myrdal isn't an issue, there are several more trains after the 13:35. I imagine 10 minutes is sufficient since, as you pointed out, the ferry dock point and the train station are just a few yards apart and the ferry is rarely late. NSB's website might have info on your options in the event a connection is missed: