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Driving v. Taking the Train -- Bergen to Oslo

I am taking a trip to Norway in October. We are flying into Bergen, spending a few days, and then going to Oslo. Would it be a good idea to rent a car while we are in Bergen to explore areas outside of the city? Also, would it be better to drive to Oslo or take the train? I have heard great things about the train from Bergen to Oslo, however, I don't know if it would be better to have the option to stop along the way and take in the sights.

Thank you!!

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There's a lot to see within an hour from Bergen if you have a car.

I've never taken the train, but made the drive several times. If we haven't been that way in a while, we'll take a couple of days, at least, for the trip - - even using the two shortest routes. The scenery through the Eidfjord route is better than going up through Flam - - times are about the same.

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Drive vs train depends on where you want to go. In multiple trips to Norway I've managed to not rent a car using combinations of train, public transit and shuttle/taxi services and group buses.

While a car may be an advantage in touring the bush, a car is definitely a disadvantage in Oslo and Bergan. You will need to pay to drive into the cities like Oslo and Bergen and then figure out where to park the car. If you consume alcohol, do not drive in Norway while impaired (limit is 0.2 ‰ blood alcohol).

While October is still mid-fall, note that mountain passes may be closed by snow. If you rent during snow season, you will need winter tires.

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You should look at the "Norway in a Nutshell" trip in Rick's book and on the website. I'd recommend doing that. That being said, the new suspension bridge with the roundabout carved into the mountain, and the spiral tunnels make the drive pretty spectacular as well.

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I was in Norway first week of Sept. and took the scenic train from Oslo to Bergen, did Norway in a Nutshell, which was ok. But, my neice said I just had to see the fjords by car as she had done and she was right. I got a weekend rate on a car in Bergen and drove along a number of fjords and mountain roads as well as 4 car ferries. It was the highlight of my trip. It cost me about $240 for the car for 3 days and gas costs about $11 per gallon and I drove at least 200-300 miles per day and it was worth the cost. The scenery was fabulous. I didn't appreciate the fjords by boat as much as driving above the fjords.