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Itinerary Feedback

Hello. I've really been struggling with this itinerary. This is what I have so far and I would really appreciate any feedback. We are a family of four with two 18 year olds. We want to have a relaxing outdoorsy trip. I do worry that we are moving too much by changing hotels everyday. But I get the impression that the drives are very scenic and you can have many stops. We are locked into arriving into Stavanger, the accommodations in Flam, and departing from Alesund. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me you thoughts! I'm really open to any suggestions.

Day 1:

-Arriving Stavanger at 9:40 am. Renting a car. Lunch in Stavanger and a quick look around
- Drive to hotel near Pulpit's Rock

Day 2:
-Hike Pulpits Rock (up super early)
-Drive to Odda or Eidfjord or somewhere close to this
-If you have another recommendation for a place to stop? Is this too much in a day.

I'm really stuck on what to do with the next 3 days given the Flam accommodation constraint and really open to any suggestions.

Day 3:
-Drive to Bergen

Day 4:
-Take a car ferry to Balstrand (I know there's an express ferry but need to check on car ferry)

Day 5:
-Balstrand or move on

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:
-Solvorn or to Lom

Day 10:
-Lom or to Geirandfjord

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:
6 am Depart

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We've had at least two posters who rented cars and drove around the area north of the Sognefjord. Try searching for Balestrand to see where they went.

The express boat is the only transportation from Bergen to Balestrand that I'm aware of. It does not go into the Naeroyfjord, which is the most scenic arm of the Sognefjord. I don't think you can take a car on the express boat, but I'm not sure.

The reason for including Flam in a Norwegian itinerary, in my view, is primarily to allow trips on the Flamsbana and the Naeroyfjord ferry. There's also the Borgund stave church and stave-church museum. If you don't care about those experiences, I'd forget Flam.

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Take a car ferry to Balstrand (I know there's an express ferry but need to check on car ferry)

There appears to be a car ferry from Oppedal to Lavik which allows you to drive to Balestrand from Bergen. I think that’s the route you’d take (I wasn’t driving and took the express boat).

I’d suggest spending another day in Bergen (moving your open day 6 up). You won’t have another major city afterwards - Alesund is quite a bit smaller - so you may enjoy a day without needing to drive anywhere and also enjoy some city amenities (many more restaurant options, for example). You can also split up and see different things in Bergen which might be nice given you’ll be all together most of the trip.

The Floibanen funicular gives you a magnificent view and some hiking opportunities above the city.

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What shall be the dates of the journey?
My impression is that this list is very early stage.

The express ferry from Bergen is afaik passenger only.

I would plan 1 day more in area of Stavanger for Lysefjord express boat tour to Lysebotn (
Furthermore I would plan more travel time between Stavanger and Odda, see Ryfylke route.

Normally from Bergen you drive either to Flam or you drive the way over 13 to Vangsnes for ferry over Sognefjord. If you do not want to move every day you could stay in Myrkdalen and do a day trip to Gaularfjellet and one to Eidfjord and Voringsfossen before heading on to Flam and Aurland.

After Aurlandfjell you are in the rear mountains already. From there Sognefjell or Tindevegen are your connections to Lom.Finalisation with Geiranger and Alesund looks ok.

Pulpit rock is an intensive hike. There are easier ones in the area.

And again: I recommend to have a look at the map of the official scenic routes. Routes Ryfylke, Hardanger, partly Hardangervidda, Aurlandfjell, Gaularfjell, Sognefjell and Geiranger-Trollstigen are most important for you.

Stay in this thread and best provide an update of your plan.

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We are going to skip Bergen and take 13 to our lodging at Granvin. You could take 13 all the way to Balestrand. From our map research and input from others, we think this will be a lovely route with lots of scenic stops and side trips along the way.

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Look at things to do around Hardangerfjord. I drove there from Bergen and on to Flam in the same day. I only stayed on the north side but wished I had more time to explore. There is Trolltunga nearby which is another amazing place like Pulpits Rock. You will have the time for a couple days in that area and you can look online at Visit Norway to see all the outdoorsy things available around this fjord.