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Does Fjord1 still run between Gudvangen and Flåm?

In his guidebook, Rick prefers the Fjord 1 public ferry over the Sognefjorden between Gudvangen and Flåm. Can anyone point to a site where I can purchase Fjord 1 tickets plus a shuttle bus pass from Flåm to Gudvangen? On this site there are different levels of tickets such as premium low, classic low, classic, premium, classic:

I suspect that the "Classic" is the Fjord 1 boat but it is difficult to tell for sure. In any case, I can't seem to get the website to work in order to buy any tickets at all.

On the Fjord 1 site, this route (Gudvangen/Flåm) is not even listed:

Can someone help me understand how to buy a ticket for the Fjord 1 public ferry and a shuttle bus pass? (I know that I asked a similar question previously but am still having difficulties figuring this out.)
Takk, Kay

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We rode the fjord 1 the last week of May. We caught the first ferry of the day. The classic refers to the old style fjord 1 boats. The premium is the newer modern boats. They looked nice but were more expensive. The low refers to a time that is discounted a bit because it is not as busy. Our trip was a classic low (probably because the cruise ships were not docked yet so not busy) I can't help you with buying tickets in advance. We bought ours at the dock. We were able to buy our bus ticket at the same time.

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Connie....this is so very helpful! Thank you!