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Bologna Hotels
ds 4
Visiting Emilia Romagna
kimde 5
Trains and Tours in Italy
cindylu 4
Current Italian Regions affected Covid19
gerri 4
Dress length and Italian churches
northwestcoyote 21
For those on the ground in Italy - what's tourist traffic like right now?
Drew 21
Europe 14 Day Tour May 17–Travel to Italy
blank_cathy 6
Why is Italy's Coronavirus outbreak so bad--article
Frank II 5
Cancel summer trip?
FL doc 16
Village Italy 2020 tour
vsmaxwell22 10
Italy put on country-wide lockdown
Maggie 15
Emergency rules up to Apr. 3rd
lachera 17
Italian traffic ticket- pay it or no?
petanokona 107
British Airways cancels all flights to Italy
jj.ashley 0
Art in Churches walk in Rome
lindamkelley 2
All of Italy is under lockdown
Frank II 5
When will RST cancel my trip?
liz 11
Wedding in Florence on May 9th
Susan 6
Hotel Shenanigans
gparvin 4
March Trip Updates - Refunds and other info
cgreb 1
A moving love letter to Italy
Lola 9
Itinerary Suggestions requested - 22 nights in Fall
mattvitale34 6
Italo still not refunding?
Kevin 5
Italy closes all museums, cinemas and theatres
Jackie 12
Skip Milan Layover In May 20 without Pay Travel Agent Penalty
cnaranjo0528 5
Restaurant Recommendations for Venice, Rome, Positano
edryer4356 4
EU261 during Coronovirus?
b_kluemper 3
Canceled my solo trip at the end of the month
KRS 19
Major lockdown in Lombardy and across Northern Italy
Frank II 15
Has anyone tried to re-book airfare through Lufthansa?
gparvin 5
Promo code
woodoody 6
Milan Dolomites Venice 2 weeks
sarahtwz 9
Shutting down millions in Northern Italy
geovagriffith 0
Cenacolo/Last Supper ticket refunds
Lola 2
Liguria crowded with Italian visitors
Mike 3
Suggestions between Rome and Cortona for a night?
dantbarnes 17
Lost road traffic infringement notice
oliverdench 5
Grandmother Needs Help with Trip to Tuscany/Rome - SOOOO many choices
crg722 16
Health care access in Italy explained
Mike 19
Orvieto & Arezzo
samshin 6
Otranto or Gallipoli?
Carol 4
Place to hang out for a week
jumbonav 17
Contacting Vodafone Italy from the US
kimw5 1
Tickets for the Roman Colosseum and Forum
juckles2 3
7 day itinerary for Umbria and LeMarche regions
George 2
Amalfi in October
plc826 5
4 Mar 2020 Rome Embassy alert (from
rab 12
Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome booked for next week
monic1174 8
Brunelleschi's Dome Climb Tickets
thoma099 5
Orvieto and Civita
tarajo75 8