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Three week trip to Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic
babennetts 3
Munich to Mannheim, Mannheim to Paris
babysiew 11
1-Month Itinerary: Opinions and Comments Welcome!
BachGuy 10
Taking Lufthansa from KRK-MUC
Badgers 4
Getting from Munich to Venice
Badgers 15
Apartment Location In Munich
baker 1
Germany, Romantic Road
baker 10
Best sights to see in Germany and nearby in March 2017
baker28 12
Day trip from Kaub/Middle Rhine River
baker28 9
Anyone else have a bad time at Burg Eltz?
balaamsdonkey 36
tour Neuwschwanstein and towns along Romantic Rd--advice soon!
ballade20 5
Munich private tours to Neuscwanstein and Romantic Rd
ballade20 2
Weekend in Bavarian Alps: where to go?
balso 20
Munich to River Cruise
BAM73 1
Is RailEurope a good website for getting train tickets?
bankheadcalhoun 8
Mosel/Rhine Valley -- questions on some details
bansodp 67
7 days in Germany - suggestions that allow a stop in Dresden and Werdau
barb 6
Salzburg to Amsterdam - intermediate stop
Barb 5
What Is the best way to buy train tickets before leaving the US?
Barb 10
Any refugee problems
Barb 5
driving Wiesbaden to Maastricht, Netherlands
barbara 3
from Amsterdam to Bacharach
Barbara 7
Tickets to Munich Philharmonic in September
Barbara 2
RS Germany tour
Barbara 3
Prague, Austria, Germany, Switzerland. Trip got complicated, need itinerary help!
Barbara 25
Taxi from Berlin Airport (TXL) to and from Keinbaum Sportstatte and things to do?
Barbara 2
Trier Bike Rental
Barbara 1
low sodium requirements
Barbara 6
What to expect in Germany end of October- November 17 weather-wise
Barbara 7
3 days, 2 nights, and a car -- Frankfurt to??
barbaramilligan 3
How do we get from Frankfurt airport to Trier for the tour?
barbaraoneill 8
Do you need Pin and signature chipped credit cards in Germany, Switzerland, Austria
barbaraoneill 14
bus versus train at Frankfurt airport to Trier
barbaraoneill 10
recommendations of castle stays on the Rhine
barblouttit 4
Anyone with a crystal ball? Will Germany trip happen?
barbmueller23 2
German twin flexi rail pass rules
barbpat06 7
Accommodations for 3 in Munich
barbshelden 4
Clearing Customs in BER airport
bareftconsultant 5
Trial BahnCard 25 for only 9.90 euros--by end of today (German time!!!!)
Barkinpark 3
Applying for Easy Pass (automatic gate entry) at Frankfurt Airport
Barkinpark 2
Rental car--how do I know I get the correct car category
Barkinpark 6
Please help--rental car scratched
Barkinpark 20
Which type of Covid Antigen test?
Barkinpark 1
Munich airport--rental car returns
Barkinpark 3
Urgent need for insulin
Barkinpark 11
Transit at Frankfurt--again, this airport is a joke
Barkinpark 25
8 Hours Layover in Frankfurt
barratt_roger 6
online booking on bahn website
barry 2
daytrips from frankfurt
barry 2
ao hostel / cheap rooms
barry 0