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Itinerary advice - December/January 2020

Good day mind hive,
Thanks in anticipation for your advice and feedback on the following itinerary. We are a family of three (our daughter will be 7) travelling from Australia.
We will arrive in Berlin and spend a week. From here I am in two minds. Option 1: 3 nights Dresden, 4 in Weimar and 3 in Bamberg
Option 2: 4 in Weimar and 3 in Bamberg and then 3 in Augsburg
Option 3: 5 in Weimar and 5 in Bamberg

We then are in Gamisch Parkenkirchen for Christmas and my husband’s 50th birthday (23-28 December).
From GP, Regensberg for 3 nights, Salzburg for 4 and Vienna for 4/5 before flying out of Vienna.

Essentially I am tossing up between Dresden and Augsburg.

If you think some of the timings are off, please let me know what you would change. We have a family rule of 3 nights minimum stay.

Thank you so much

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You formulated your question well.

To me it is a matter of taste. Even Augsburg is a very beautiful town wit great people (have friends there), Dresden would give your Germany visit a more different additional impression speaking of German local cultures. Also Saxon Switzerland is worth a visit.

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Thank you MarkK. That had been my initial and gut thought, but there’s just so much - every time I read something there’s somewhere else I want to go!
We try to take the less is more approach rather than doing a night here and a night there.
Saxon Switzerland looks amazing. Is it reasonably accessible via public transport in the winter? Coming from the tropics in far north Australia my husband is hesitant about winter driving.

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I think that your strategy of taking time for a place is a very good one. And I can understand that so many places tease you. Stay strong! :-)

Talking about the winter: We realize a change of climate very directly in Germany, means the winters are warmer in average than in my young days. Of course nobody can forecast the weather during your stay - and I can understand that your husband do not want to drive on ice and snow but currently we do not have it. And yes: from Dresden the Saxon Switzerland area is good reachable by all means of transport.