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Southern Roadtrip Itinerary

My husband and I are arriving at Zurich in September. We have a few days for a roadtrip before getting to Munich. I will get to Switzerland at the end of my trip so it'd like to explore Germany on these days. Here's my plan:

Wednesday - Land 2pm in Zurich, take train and arrive 8pm at Tubingen (overnight)
Thursday - Rent a car, drive to Hohenzollern and Liechtenstein castles, arrive 7pm at Rothenburg ob de Tauber (overnight)
Friday - Spend morning in Rothenburg, drive to Dinkelsbuehl before continuing down to Fussen (overnight)
Saturday - Neuschwanstein/Hohenschwangau castles, Wieskirche, Oberammergau, then arrive at Munich

Any input on this itinerary?

I'm still debating whether to visit Neuschwanstein or not due to what I've read about it being a disappointment. I'm open to suggestions on the whole itinerary.

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"Any input on this itinerary?"

The destinations you have in mind are mostly "standard-tourist-trail" places that get lots of international tourist traffic. Tübingen is an exception and a very nice place to visit, though you don't seem to have any time set aside to do that. I haven't seen Burg Lichtenstein myself. I'm not sure what you've researched thus far aside from Rick's books, so I don't have much more input other than just to say that there are MANY other very nice places you might visit where things are less tourist-oriented and a little more German on the whole than places like Rothenburg and Füssen. You might investigate these places also before your final draft...

The Black Forest: Have a look at the trip reports here to get a good feel for the "Schwarzwald" as Rick's book is pretty incomplete on the Black Forest.

The Lake Constance (Bodensee) region: Meersburg, Lindau and more

Oberstdorf is a really German sort of place:

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Looks ok ( altho a bit rushed, it is do-able ). Make reservations for Neuschwanstein/Hohenschwangau so you can get the first English tour of the day

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Thank you for the responses! I'm now questioning the itinerary. I came up with these two alternatives.

  1. Drive around Konstanz, Meersburg, Linden, and the southern area, instead of going up to Tubingen and Rothenburg, before reaching Fussen on Friday
  2. Drive around Konstanz and Meersburg, then up to Tubingen for 2 nights. Take train to Munich from Stuttgart on Saturday. This route skips Rothenburg, Fussen, Neuschwanstein/Hohenschwangau castles, Wieskirche and Oberammergau altogether