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The Alps/Tyrol from Munich

So my wife and I are planning out honeymoon for early September and are getting a bit overwhelmed with flushing out the itinerary.

We're planning on flying into Munich and will not be renting a car. We are going to spend 3-4 days there and then want to head to the Alps to spend a couple of nights at a slower pace, hiking during the day and relaxing in the evenings.

Originally, I thought Innsbruck would be the best choice due to the ease of getting there from Munich but in reading and researching more, it seems like it is just too big for what we're hoping for. We're open to other, smaller villages in Austria or crossing over into Italy and seeing the Dolomites.

I've looked at Hall in Austria as well as Ortisei in Italy. My eyes have started to glaze over at this point with reading about different villages and towns in the region that make a good place to spend a couple of nights.

The main thing I'm hoping to find is a place to stay where it is easy to get onto the trails from town without a vehicle. From reading about Ortisei, it sounds like that is possible with the lifts available from the town itself. We'd also prefer to have a few decent restaurant options just in case we don't have boarding available wherever we end up staying. I'm also trying to keep the travel from Munich manageable so we don't eat up too much time in transit.

Any tips of towns I should look at that seem to fit this bill? Thanks!

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You might want to check out Seefeld. I was debating between staying there or Innsbruck for my upcoming trip in Sept. I decided on Innsbruck as my base as I wanted a larger place but plan to day trip to Seefeld as it has good options for walking.

Here’s some You Tube videos to see if it appeals to you. It makes me think of Wengen, Switzerland if you’ve ever been there.

The tourism website had some good info. too:

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Thanks Carrie.

Great to hear you mention it is similar to Wengen. Our original trip was going to revolve around Switzerland so this is definitely an appealing option. The hiking looks great around Seefeld. Really appreciate the tip!

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Seis am Schlern was nice. We enjoyed Sexton/Sesto, but might be hard to get too. Both may take longer to get there though. Zillertal is nice (Mayrhofen). Kitzbuhel and Wildschönau area too. Most of these places have guest cards with free or reduced fares for buses inclusive with your hotel and access to lifts. I agree the choices are many!

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Hi, astobart13.

Congratulations on your upcoming honeymoon!

I echo gunderson's comment about Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Mittenwald. As much as I love both places, these two are only parts of what is locally called the Werdenfelser Land. There are a whole host of even smaller towns from which to base and access a variety of valley- and mountain-trails; these towns include:

  • Klais
  • Krün, Wallgau
  • Grainau.

Juuuust across the border into Austria at the foot of Zugspitze "wall" are the towns of

  • Ehrwald
  • Lermoos.

That's just the beginning of the trail of towns on the northwest stretch towards Reutte (the description for which Mr. Steves spends a lot of ink). Rail access among the trio of Reutte, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Mittenwald is very good, frequent, and historically important in this area.

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Fussen is two hours from Munich, and is a real charmer . It tends to get dismissed as a mere jumping off spot for Neuschwanstein . Quite a mistake as I see it . I have been there several times and am quite fond of the place . Don't dismiss Ortisei either , the place is stunning and the access to Seceda and Alpe di Suisi are very easy .

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I'll encourage you to take one of jHenry and Gundersen's suggestions... Mittenwald has what you want - including a Michelin-listed restaurant - as well as a more peaceful environment than you will find in Innsbruck, Garmisch, or Füssen.

Hiking options from town:

Direct trains from Munich Hbf (main station) to Mittenwald take less than 2 hours. Buy the Regio-ticket Werdenfels for two (€31) from a ticket machine at the station in Munich.