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Bayern Ticket - Additional Costs for ALX to EC?

My wife and I and my two sons (10 and 7) will be leaving from Fussen and going to Prague on Friday, June 19th. I plan to use the Bayern Ticket which would require me to purchase the ticket and one additional adult add for my wife (total of 28 Euro), but the kids ride free. I will buy the pass on the morning of the 19th right before we leave Fussen on the train (no need to buy in advance).

I plan to take the following trains:

10:06-12:05 RE 57507 Regional-Express Fussen to Munich
12:44-6:45 ALX 355 Leave Platform 26 - Train continues as EC 355 All the way to Prague.

Pasting from DB BAHN Website:

Füssen Fr, 19.06.15 dep 10:06 3 RE 57507 Regional-Express
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
München Hbf Gl.27-36 Fr, 19.06.15 arr 12:05 28
walk 10 min.
Adjust the transfer time
München Hbf Fr, 19.06.15 dep 12:44 26 ALX 355
EC 355 alex - Länderbahn und Vogtlandbahn-GmbH
Number of bicycles conveyed limited , Tickets available on board train , Bordbistro , space for wheelchairs , vehicle-mounted accessaid , parent-and-children compartment
Runs as ALX 355 up to Furth i Wald, then as EC 355

As we will be using the Bayern Ticket and EC trains are not covered on the Bayern Ticket, will we be required to pay a supplement/additional for the EC355 portion of the trip? Since it started as a ALX train, I was not sure if we would be covered or required to pay more.

If we do pay more, how much more and is additional payment required for just both me and my wife or is it required for all 4 of us (kids pay as well)?

When we cross over into Czech side of the boarder, do we need to pay additional for that portion of the trip?

According to Seat 61, We can simply stay on the train and when on the Czech side the Czech rail employee will collect an additional amount to get from the German-Bayern boarder to Prague.

Is it true we simply stay on the train and can simply pay the conductor and that train will run us all the way to Prague?

If so, how much does that cost and is it just for me and my wife or is it also for the kids?

Finally, is this the best way to go? I considered the bus and a rental car and the half train half bus through DB Bahn option as well. I think this is the cheapest and easiest way and that I may save an hour with the bus or a rental car, but I am willing to give up the hour for the ease and cost savings.

Thanks for all the help fellow travelers


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According to DB, Furth I Wald to Prague on the EC 355 is 65.60 euro for two adult and two children ages 7 and 10. Don't know about paying the conductor. It might be less in Czech Koruna.

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For the part in Chech you need an other ticket.
ALX 355 and EC 355 are operated by Alex, it is an independent company.
The Alex Internet site says that it is possible to buy tickets on the train at no extra charge.
Of course, the Deutsche Bahn sells the ticket also.

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A straight Bayern-Ticket does not cover any trains in the Czech Republic. Czech Rail,, will sell a ticket for that EC from Furth im Wald to Prague online for all 4 of you for 1105 Kc, about 40€.

There is also a Bahn IC bus all the way from Munich (Hackerbrucke ZOB) to Prague at 14:15, getting to Prague main station at 18:53, only 9 minutes later than the EC. Right now, a Savings Fare ticket for all of you would be 78€. Or, you could buy a Savings Fare ticket all the way from Füssen at 11:05 to Prague at 18:53 for 88€ (currently) for all four of you.

The Savings Fare tickets include reservations on the IC bus.