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Drop off car in Freillassing and then to Salzburg

Good evening,

Based on your kind advice last week, we are renting a car for a portion of our trip in Munich and then planning to drop off the car in Freillassing. It looks like the address for the Sixt rental car return office is:
Muenchenstr. 53

Can you offer any tips as to how I get to Salzburg from there? I know it's not far, but we will have luggage to transport. Would a taxi be available? It looks like our hotel is only 2o minutes away.

Anything special needed to cross the border into Austria?

Thank you!

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Nothing special is needed to cross the border. You won’t even notice the crossing.

You will need to have someone at the rental agency call a taxi for you. If you have more than two people, or large luggage, and need a mini van, be sure to request that specifically.

Alternatively, if there is a taxi app or Uber in that area, you could use that.

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The easiest way to make your trip would be to drop one of you off at the train station with the luggage. The other person can turn the car in and walk 1/2 mile back to the train station. It's just a 10 minute (5 stop) ride into Salzburg from Freillassing.

The question is how far your hotel is from the Salzburg train station? You could take a cab to the hotel from there.

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Why not drop off the other people and the luggage at your hotel in Salzburg, then take the car to Freilassing to return it?

After that, to where in Salzburg do you want to go. There is a bus that comes right past the car rental place and goes into Ferdinand-Hanusch-Platz (I think) near the old city. If you need to go near the Bahnhof in Salzburg, walk the ½ km from the rental office to the Freilassing Hbf, then take the train into Salzburg.