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Rental Cars and Government Holiday Issues


My boyfriend and I (age mid-30s) will be traveling to Germany and Austria from the U.S. from June 5 to 16. We are planning to do a mixture of trains, public transit and rental car to be able to see both cities and smaller villages. We really enjoy hiking and the outdoors, so we like the flexibility of a car for those needs. However, Monday, June 10 is a government holiday in Germany, and all the rental facilities in Freislassing are closed both Sunday (as normal) and Monday (due to the holiday). This is causing some issues with my planned itinerary and car rental plans. Our itinerary is:

Weds, June 5 - Arrive in Frankfurt, Train to Munich - Arrive in Munich approximately 2 p.m.

Thurs, June 6 - Munich

Friday, June 7 - Munich

Saturday, June 8 - Train to Salzburg, Austria

Sunday, June 9 - Salzburg, Austria

Monday, June 10 - Pick up car and drive to - Berchtesgaden/Ramsau, Germany

Tuesday, June 11 - Berchtesgaden/Ramsau

Weds., June 12 - Drive to Reutte, Austria

Thursday, June 13 - Reutte Area - Neuschwanstein

Friday, June 14 - Reutte Area

Saturday, June 15 - Drive to Rothenberg - Romantic Road

Sunday, June 16 - Drive to Frankfurt - Fly out of Frankfurt at approximately 5:30 p.m.

I have done some research (picking up in Austria dropping in Germany, altering the itinerary to picking up across the border in Freilassing on Tuesday rather than Monday, picking up on Saturday morning and driving to a park and ride in Salzburg then getting car on Monday). Cross border dropping seems to be about $300, so pretty cost-prohibitive, Tuesday is a bit of a hassle since we only have limited time as is and is only $60ish cheaper than the Saturday plan. At this point, the Saturday pick-up and then leave seat in Salzburg Park and Ride for two days seems like my best option.


Is there an option I am missing for the rental car?

Can I stay parked in the Park and Ride for 48 hours or so with no issue?

Is there a way I could alter my itinerary to not have the rental car issues?

Overall questions?
Should I drop off the car in Rothenberg on Saturday and take a train to Frankfurt?

If I was to switch my itinerary around (Munich last), would taking a train on the same day to Frankfurt being something we should do? It makes me a bit nervous as an American who isn't all that familiar with train travel and their reliability.

Also, I welcome any advice on parking tips, road passes, etc. as well as itinerary advice.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Your itinerary seems a litlle "wuschig" to me, sorry German slang for unsorted, double ways. Also: I would give yourself more time for experience than traveling only.

Starts with airports: Choose MUC or NUE (for arrival or departure, not both) instead of FRA. Less travel way for your itinerary (you will save up to 1 day).

In my head i would do it the other way around to have the "secure" train connection at the end.

FRA or NUE: If NUE, enjoy Nuremberg first evening and part of morning.
Take rental car.
Car to RodT. If NUE check factory outlet Adidas / Puma in Herzogenaurach.
Drive Rothenburg down to Füssen (Romantic Road)
Neuschwanstein area & Reutte
Zugspitze & Garmisch
Alpine Road to Berchtesgaden
Freilassing to drop-car
Train to Munich
Train to MUC airport or to FRA if you have to

Or put even Munich in the middle after Zugspitze (avoid double way). Drop car there, go by train to Berchtesgaden and Salzburg, also fly-out from there.

Be aware that you will need motorway sticker if you want to drive on Austrian motorways (Autobahn).

Hope that helps. Sorry for being bit direct - no negative intention.

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions. No offense taken for directness. Always much more appreciated actually. :) We are booked for the Frankfurt flights - both in and out, so no changing that.

As well, I know there is a lot of "travel" included, but we are fine with that. As Americans, we only get a limited number of days a year, so we can't always have the ideal vacation and see as much as we want. Trust me, if we had weeks to travel, we absolutely would do so. We're used to long days while traveling with a variety of activities. We've accepted we don't really rest while on vacation. I understand that is not ideal (or even acceptable haha) for everyone.

I've thought about reversing the itinerary, but we have an overnight flight from Frankfurt, so the first day in Munich is essentially a wash with an early bedtime. If we shift to putting that to Nuremberg/Rothenberg, I'm worried that would be a wasted night for the most part.

If we would reverse the itinerary, my last question still applies -- Is taking the train from Munich to Frankfurt on the day of a 5 p.m. flight something most Germans do without hesitation?

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If we would reverse the itinerary, my last question still applies --
Is taking the train from Munich to Frankfurt on the day of a 5 p.m.
flight something most Germans do without hesitation?

Of course I do not have a representative survey but most people trust DB. In the last months long-distance trains had some severe "on-time" issues. The ratio of trains arrived as planned +5 minutes were down to 70-75%.

On-time ratios per month here - click on "DB Fernverkehr" above graph:

Redline shows value mentioned, black show on-time + 15 minutes.

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One minor comment w/o regard to other replies. Berchtesgaden is practically a suburb of Salzburg, so you could easily take a bus or short train ride to get there, and rent the car there (i.e., in Germany).

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Lots of buses every day direct to Berchtesgaden from Salzburg.

If B'gaden doesn't have the company you want, it's a 1-hour, 9-€ train ride from B'gaden to Freilassing on Tuesday.

When you are in B'gaden you get a free local transport pass.
"With the Berchtesgaden guest card, overnight guests in the Watzmann and Königssee holiday region have free and environmentally friendly transport on most bus routes."

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it's a 1-hour, 9-€ train ride from B'gaden to Freilassing on Tuesday.

To pick up a car I'd take bus #24 (from Südtiroler Platz, in front of Salzburg Hbf). It stops near the offices of the big rental companies: Europcar: stop "Salzburger Platz", Avis and Sixt: "Sonnenfeld" (terminus of bus #24),