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Horse carriage to Neushchwantein

Can you provide advice as to the cost to ride in a horse carriage up to the castle? Ticket center said we “pay the driver” but did not say how much!


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We were there 2 years ago and the ride was 8-10 Euros, my wife has serious knee issues so we elected to take the carriage ride up and down, it does not go all the way to the castle, you still will need to walk about 100 yards further to get to the Castle entrance.

Also, we forgot that when we actually started the castle tour that there are a lot of stairways in the castle itself that she had to navigate but she still had a wonderful time and the castle is awesome!

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Just as a side note? If you haven't looked at the website for the castle, you may want to do so? Parts are currently under restoration, and the bridge (MarienBrücke) which is a popular spot for photographs is closed until further notice. That may not matter to you but just in case...

There is info on the horse-drawn carriage here, including cost (different price for uphill versus downhill):

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To answer your question, the carriage website says it is 5,50€ up, 3,-€ down, so I guess it is 8,50€ round trip, per person. And, as was pointed out, the carriage takes you as far as the restaurant below the castle. It's still a little more than a ¼ mile (450m, 11 minutes) uphill [added] walk the rest of the way to the castle entrance.

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Thanks all. We were at Hofschangau when I posted and I wasn’t able to get to the website for some reason. Short on euros and no working ATM in sight!

Cost was 7 euros for trip up. We walked down (that was our plan).

There is some construction in the castle, but not much. Tour was short but enjoyable.

Thanks again.

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I'm sorry we weren't fast enough - but we're in scattered time zones on Easter Sunday, and all fellow travellers.