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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Travel-related books
Joel 6
Babbel special offer?
Jane 9
New short free BBC concert
Nigel 0
Refunds--cash or voucher--which will I get?
Frank II 29
Passport Renewals Delayed
Frank 1
Notre Dame's bell tolls once again...
Priscilla 2
Airbnb refunds
David 11
When Flight Attendants Work From Home
Eric 10
Vicarious Travel Poland 2017 | Wrocław + Silesia
Carlos 15
Tulips latest C-19 Vicitms
Jane 4
Optimistic Side of Life
onefastbob 31
Expect much tighter enforcement of short-term rental rules post-COVID19
marcia 42
A Covid-19 Seattle Survival Story
Janis 13
Appreciating Art
Allan 36
Did someone say you get what you pay for?
Rosalyn 6
Lufthansa refund; Fantastic experience
joehanke 10
How many posts? a matter of netiquette
douglas 28
Lufthansa Travel Vouchers.......?
gparvin 5
London trip
eltoepfer 16
Appreciating Your Own History
Allan 23
You might have a stash of masks
Laurel 5
British Air refund - calling process took about an hour
Pat 12
Travel Voucher from British Airways
Jonathan 22
When is it safe to travel again?
Frank II 26
Create guidelines?
douglas 12
Airline Refunds
markg91359 13
Post your profile
Lee 23
Vicarious Travel Norway | Oslo + Bergen 2016
Carlos 16
A Sensible Take On The Current Situation, From Cameron Hewitt's Blog
Rebecca 27
Vicarious Travel Germany, Keukenof 2016
Jazz+Travels 10
Will the airlines extend the cancellation/reschedule policy now in place beyond April 30?
geovagriffith 31
Coronavirus - What you need to know
Webmaster 122
What changes will you make when planning travel when this all ends
Alan 70
6 week tour logistics
eltoepfer 13
Uplifting trips
douglas 39
Donating to Italy
Joel 17
Article: Coronavirus Travel Update—Over 90% Of People Live Under Travel Restrictions
MarkK 0
Ideas for future travel wanted
bill 8
Has some profound historical event cause you to want to travel?
James E. 14
Travel Insurance Refunds
phannah00 0
Anyone Traveling to Europe in the Next 30/60/90 Days?
James E. 144
EU closes borders
Frank II 7
Eurail Refund
prendessa 1
The Great Courses - free trial
Nancy 2
Getting home ?
Lisa 17
When will the 2021 catalog come out?
liz 12
Thank you to everyone that posted In the latest tour scrapbooks!
lisa g 2
Is there a European version of Rick Steves?
BigMikeWestBy... 47
How does Historical Fiction influence your trip?
Allan 72
Who are the best English speakers in Europe? (article)
MarkK 53