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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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$1 Italian homes to refurbish
3ddana 5
Adult opposite gender siblings sharing hotel room
Abby 41
Firenze Card Suggestion: Getting Four Days out of a Three Day Card
abhuffman 2
Christopher Elliott Article on ATM Fees
acraven 8
So many credit cards, which one to choose?
Adam 26
Travel insurance -- worth it?
adievler 16
Would you consider this type of debit card?
advocatecare 9
New chip credit card
advocatecare 18
Passepartout Florence
agbell89 3
Inexpensive shipping back from Europe?
ahroeser 8
Beware Bank of America ATM Global Alliance!
Al 14
ATM transactions
Alan 11
United Mileage Plus vs Chase Sapphire
Alexandra 3
Buying Miles with United Mileage Plus
Alexandra 10
Another United "BUY MILES" Sale
Alexandra 3
Travel Reward Cards: Capital One vs Chase Explorer vs Chase Sapphire vs ?
Alexandra 4
Mileage Plus United - Sale on Buying Miles
Alexandra 7
Self-inflicted travel regrets (being a cheapskate)
Allan 38
Has anyone had a “good” experience with EA+ Program from AAA or American Airlines??
allenwrotedog 0
Travel insurance question
AM 27
Best Combination of Museum and Transit passes in Paris and Rome?
ammas07 6
London Pass is on UK's Groupon!
Amy 3
Showing RS Guidebook for discounts when you break it apart
Amy 3
Laundry services in Best of Europe
andee515 1
Always Take A Second Credit Card
Andrea 39
Alaska Airlines dumps partnership with American Airlines
Andrew H. 6
Lyon city card
annwyoungblood 2
Poland paying with card better zloty or dollar
antshome 13
Mediterrean Cruise port excursions on my own
anuenue58 15
is it better to carry all your money with you while traveling in italy?
armschicchi 12
Paying cash for hotel
artshotwell 15
Best time to buy for the spring?
Ashley 9
Saving money on parking in Antwerp, BE.
atlscrapgirl 0
Questions on Flights to the UK-first time international travelers
atooz15 19
Using Credit Card rental Insurance for the CDW
atooz15 12
travel insurance
aunt.jojo 5
Avoid - not passing on hotel cancellation fee waiver due to Coronavirus
AussieNomad 20
AirBnB makes neighbors worse
avirosemail 6
HSBC banking offer & avoiding fees and rates ...
avirosemail 8
How to keep tourists from snacking (and peeing) in the wrong spots, and avoid fines,...
avirosemail 12
Expedia points: unexpected casualty of COVID lockdown
avirosemail 10
Does $200/day sound thrifty to you? Extravagant? Moderate?
avirosemail 46
Save money by turning off the lights early; Eiffel Tower
avirosemail 20
Purchasing a Phone in Europe
Barbara 18
Tipping at hotels
Barbara 23
Travel Insurance for New Zealand sight-seeing, hiking, kayaking, etc
Barbara 6
Airbnb vs. HomeAway/VRBO
Barb Z 19
Found laundromat nearby thanks to Rick Steves guidebook!
barryboa 4
Best option for chip and PIN Mastercard
beth.chaplin 9
My Way vs fully guided tour
bevkirklandextra 10