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AirBnB makes neighbors worse

Those of us in the San Francisco Bay Area have been deluged with millions of dollars in lobbying messages from AirBnB to try and stop a ballot proposition that attempts to limit their negative consequences.
Here's a no-cost blog post by a local doctor that answers the high-priced public relations campaign passionately:

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And yet ... how many of us have enjoyed and extolled the extra room and kitchen/laundry facilities of the apartments WE have rented as tourists in other cities and other countries ?

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How did the vote go? Pass or fail?

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Bets, still too early but looks like it will be defeated. And I hope it will be.

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Sounds like what's happened in Venezia (and many other historic cities) over the years - people moving to the exurbs because they cannot afford - or can make more money - living elsewhere and/or renting out their homes.