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Has anyone had a “good” experience with EA+ Program from AAA or American Airlines??

Saw a post last year on this, I’ve actually subscribed to it for awhile but never used it (thru AAA). About $147 a year family coverage. Well, debit card expired and didn’t have time to renew- was traveling but they sent me a “reinstatement guaranteed” notice. THE DISTURBING THING WAS that I wanted to call to verify coverages, etc and make sure I’m not already covered (duplicating coverage). So I called their numbers.. ALL of them, and failed to get thru??
It was 8:30lm in a Tuesday evening, and their literature (as well as some of the recordings that were to put me on hold, only to click off and have a beeping dial tone after- were all “Emergency 24 Hour a day call us “ Numbers?? I called both numbers on the literature, and both numbers on the “Emergency Card” provided to me (as before).... and got “crickets”. Next day at 4pm wasn’t any better. I’m literally leaving tomorrow for Germany, which is why I remembered to do this- but now I’m HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS, even with the AAA and American (whom I usually fly) associations? Just wondering if anyone has actually used them with good resolve?? Would appreciate knowing- as of now, I wouldn’t want to be counting on them with my current experiences. I mean, I couldn’t even leave a message??? It’s only $147 bucks, but I’d hate to think I’d been paying for a scam these last few years..... anyhow, thanks and safe travels!

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