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Showing RS Guidebook for discounts when you break it apart

Hi all - apologies if this has been asked/answered. I searched but couldn’t find a thread on this topic. I usually travel with the RS guidebook fully in tact but am trying to lighten up this year and am planning to only bring relevant sections. Has anyone done this and also received discounts at sights where it denotes “discount with RS book”? Thanks for tour responses in advance.

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I have shown a torn-out section of a RS guidebook at several restaurants in Italy for the discount or "extra" and it has always been honored. In each case, though, I have put my torn-out pages in the little RS "Guidebook page binder" that I find really useful for inserting the pages-of-the-day and keeping in my purse in a way that they don't get torn up. I don't know if having the pages in this "bona-fide RS product" with the recognizable RS turquoise cover makes any difference to the restaurant server when I show them the restaurant offering in the book, but I figure it can't hurt.

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Like jmauldinauu, I too tear out pages from a guidebook and secure them in a RS binder. This was always acceptable at sights and restaurants.

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Thanks for your responses! I purchased the small binders from Rick Steves so seems I am on the right path.