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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Toronto Film Festival 2019
Michael... 1
I thought I had our Italy itinerary set... until I found a new book by Frances Mayes
Jane 23
Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands on Prime Video
Kathy H. 1
Another good France book
Jane 9
Donna Leon does Venice
monty 11
RS' 2019 Italian Phrase Dictionary
Girasole17🌻 5
Pompeii article
joe32F 7
The Impressionists
rwilliag 9
Travel videos on Japan?
Lola 12
"The Rape of Europa" movie/ book for real story behind Hollywood's "The Monuments Men"
Kent 34
A Charming Book About Ancient Rome
Jane 6
Spanish Renaissance music
lnbsig 🌍 4
Books read prior to RS Best of Ireland trip
lmshep51 3
Unique book for travelers
gregglamarsh 3
Movies about Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest
herronlaw 20
Inspector Montalbano author dies
Frank II 6
Rick's list of books that formed his philosophy
scott.d.warner 3
viva Espana
monty 5
reading World War II
monty 5
Civilizations on BBC/PBS
1885BD 2
parlez vous Paris?
monty 2
Anne Frank- the Graphic Adaptation - 2018 book
John R Scott 3
Current New Yorker "The Invisible City Beneath Paris"
Kent 4
Documentary "The Silence of Others" opens this month in the US
avirosemail 6
Question re: RS Guide Naples and the Amalfi Coast
Lola 8
movie In Her Name, hits close to home
rob in cal 0
There is a great article about Leonardo da Vinci in this month's National Geographic
Adrienne 2
A Bag of Marbles
David 19
For the Love of Prague
Al 1
"Mastering the Art of French Eating" by Ann Mah
Jane 3
At Eternity's Gate - Van Gogh film by an artist whose own work is at Orsay
Kent 6
Peter Jackson's 'They Shall Not Grow Old'
avirosemail 9
Good sources for world maps
paulypro 7
South Italy guide book
Horsewoofie 3
Sicily - A fun Mystery read
miguelperezgi... 1
Other guide book on Belgium & the Netherlands
Janet 3
"Aerial Spain" 3 episodes present dramatic views you can't get from the ground
Kent 7
Guidebooks of Italy
Moyra 5
The Romanoffs - Amazon Prime
Michael... 6
New book by Seth Kugel
Lane 22
The History of Art in 50 Paintings (Delphi Classics)
curioustraveler 0
At Eternity's Gate
lnbsig 🌍 6
Alaskan Travel
spd1961 8
Grand Tours series, Scotland
bogiesan 0
Movie: The Last King
David 7
Midnight in Paris
Continental 28
Four Roads to Heaven
Donna 🌎 1
Movie rec: Labyrinth of Lies
David 5
What to read before you travel
Grier 9
Best of Eastern Europe Tour suggested books
Mark G. 7