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Pasta Grannies

My new favorite YouTube channel is ‘Pasta Grannies’. As you might expect from the title, each video shows elderly Italian ladies making pasta dishes, all involving making the pasta from scratch. It’s mesmerizing and also makes my stomach growl.

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When we walked around Bari, we could see them making orichietti the through their open doorways.

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I love that channel!! I loved the pasta Grandpa I saw this week too!

I’ve really only watched a few but was fascinated with the one I saw where she pressed her pasta thru a homemade wire cutter. That was so interesting.

You can tell by their hand movements that they’ve done this so much it’s automatic.

Very interesting.

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I love the Pasta Grannies - not only for the video showing how to’s for delicious meals, but I’ve marveled at their ingenuity to use every tiny space in their kitchen, plus turning the dining room table into workspace similar to our kitchen islands. One in particular made me smile: the husband brought over his mom during the show and was having her in front of the camera which upset the wife a bit. Always a love for momma! ; )

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I love that the videos feature women from all over Italy, and show a bit of their surroundings. They give a sense of how food varies from region to region.