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Footloose in Europe

So we went looking for more travel shows on Amazon Prime in the USA, and the 'Footloose in' series came up. It's a husband-wife team- she presents the show, he does most of the filming and occasionally appears on screen. While they very much have their own point of view and tend to go a little more in depth in one place than cover as much ground as Rick does over a season, there's a certain 'if you like Rick, you'll probably like the Rixons too' and when I search Amazon's web site to see if I've missed some of their shows, a bunch of Rick episodes show up further down the search results.

The production values on their show are a lot better than you'd expect from the c. 1999 web site.

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Thanks for the suggestion. In the 70's, I bought a travel guide titled "Footloose in the Swiss Alps" which I absolutely loved. I wonder if there's a connection.

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Thank you for posting this! I'm going to enjoy watching these.

And yes, the website does not inspire confidence :-) but the videos are well done.