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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Tammy (aka... 5
David 2
Servant of the People
David 4
German Life magazine
Dave 9
Europe Through the Back Door 39th edition is out today
Mary 10
Happy 163rd Birthday to Sholem Aleichem
avirosemail 8
The Time in Between
Wendy 7
Happy 65th Birthday to Pico Iyer
avirosemail 1
"Don Matteo" DVD availability in US
Kathy H. 6
Andalucia on Monday Night Travel this week - related book
avirosemail 2
"Around the World" on PBS
David 16
The average tourist
Allan 17
Best agency for arranging for a disabled traveler (and a very able companion)
dstreutker 1
The Polish Rick Steves
Carlos 10
Seaside Hotel, a wonderful Danish Series!
Judy B ✈️🧳🐈 15
Welsh poet Ronald Stuart Thomas also bleak, not as romantic, anniversary
avirosemail 11
Grand Designs - Isle of Skye
Linda 9
Ken Burns Documentary "Hemingway" on PBS
Rebecca 37
The Alice Network
The Happy... 5
The Chateau by William Maxell
dlindstrom 1
May we all dance like this when COVID is finally over
Alan 13
Anne of the Thousand Days, Turner Classic Movies; 7 PM Central time USA
Rebecca 19
Tonight on PBS: "Secrets of The Dead; King Arthur's Lost Kingdom" at 9 PM
Rebecca 35
Excellent series on MHz streaming service
Kathy H. 7
European tv show streaming service has a Memorial day sale
rob in cal 5
What did ancient Rome look like?
avirosemail 13
2021 Oscar-nominated film about Bosnia
Dave 2
Lost and Found in Italy - True Stories Book of Six Women
Girasole17🌻 3
Sunday, May 2, on PBS @ 3:30 Central Time: Canvasing the World; Paris, With Sean Diediker
Rebecca 2
Which to believe? Bill Bryson, or Escape to the Country?
MariaF 40
German Romanesque Cathedrals in a nutshell, this week on DW TV
avirosemail 6
3rd Edition Best of Europe Release Date 4/20/21
RafaFan 0
A.E. Housman's slog across gray English countryside
avirosemail 7
Poland Reading and Viewing
Dave 56
Fascinating book by Erika Fatland: The Border
Judy B ✈️🧳🐈 3
The Dig - Archaeological Story
Linda 18
Fascinating article about the past and possible future of Milan
lnbsig 🌍 5
A different kind of Rick Steves
phred 12
Travel in the mind
lnbsig 🌍 2
UK Television - Blitz, London's Firestorm
Nigel 6
UK television
Frances in... 15
"LeaveOnly Footprints" - US National Parks
Jane 4
Line of Separation (Tannbach) / Book recommendations on Germany at end of WWII
Rachel 13
Rick Steves Europe 101
Chriss 3
Montalbano's house in Punta Secca? And a question about Ragusa.
Lola 7
Sophia Loren film on Netflix - The Life Ahead
Kathy H. 3
Ways to Indulge Your Travel Wanderlust at Home
Wanderlust58 0
Author Jan Morris passes away
DebVT 4
Carbonate the Louvre with book by James Gardner, "The Many Lives of the World's Most...
avirosemail 12
Love Letter to the Seine
Dick 10