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French film alert

I just saw ‘Petite Maman’, which was wonderful and very strange. Previously saw ‘The Rose Maker’, which was not as strong a film, but still quite sweet (and salty), and provided insight into French culture.

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Thank you for the recommendations! I have really been enjoying French films of late.

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I've been into French tv lately. First it was Call My Agent on Netflix. Now it's Bathazar on Acorn. Both subtitled but worth the effort.

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I'm partial to an old French film "Diva". See below.

Diva is a 1981 French thriller film directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix,[3] adapted from the novel Diva by Daniel Odier (under the pseudonym Delacorta). It is one of the early French films to let go of the realist mood of 1970s French cinema and return to a colourful, melodic style, later described as cinéma du look.

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I saw two wonderful new French movies at our local film fest last month. Madeline Collins, which is a suspense film. Not available to stream yet, but watch for it. And Anais in Love. (les amours d'anais) which is on Amazon and Google Play and a number of streaming services. I'm going to see Petite Maman at the movies on Thursday. Glad you liked it.