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Rick’s France Guide Book…2022 version?

Heading to a France this summer and will of course be using Rick’s book…will there be a new version coming out in early 2022 or should I go with what’s in the one on the shelves now?

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Information on the France guidebook page says next edition will be available Fall 2022.

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Per the website the new France guidebook is due in Fall 2022.

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The books don't change that much one edition to another and they post updates on this website

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Depends on what you’re using the guidebook for if you should get a new one. Years ago I stopped reading his hotel and restaurant/café recommendations because we were disappointed very often. I still use his guide for top sites, detail info on destinations, how to get there, where the bathroom is, what line to get in, etc. For that info his guide is helpful to me. And that info is usually good for many years.

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Whatever the current planning tools are, COVID 19 has ripped up many details. The existing book will be a great guide to all of the individual websites (hotels, attractions, transit) which you will have to track to see what has changed over the last two years, and what will continue to change over the next six months..

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Research for the next version is ongoing. I've been following one of the RS guides, Virginie More on Facebook. She's spent the last few weeks travelling France to update the France book.