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We just saw this documentary at a local theater and thought it was outstanding. It is about the 1982 Alpine Meadows avalanche ( which I had not heard about). It has won several awards. Go see it!

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Wow, Tammy. That is the first time I heard of this as I was not living here in Reno at the time. That is an incredible story. Thank you for sharing.

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I never knew of this either, although that area of the Sierra is no stranger to avalanches.

I learned to ski at Alpine Meadows in 1970-71, and that winter one big dump of snow closed the road into the ski area, so that the only people on the slopes were those who lived there or were staying at the one small hotel in the valley. They opened up after clearing the potential avalanches with “cannons”. What a great day—-although I wasn’t a good enough skier to enjoy the all that untracked powder.

But by 1982 I was living far away in the Pacific Northwest and not paying much attention to California, so I did not hear of this. I don’t know that I will be able to watch the movie, though—-I took up backcountry skiing 20 years ago and lost friends to an avalanche up in the Cascades. I quit the sport after that, but my sons are both avid skiers, one in the Alpine Meadows area.

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I also was unaware of the Alpine Meadows avalanche. Living in the PNW all my life I am well aware of backcountry skiing and avalanches. Some friends lost their son 8 years ago. He was an experienced backcountry skier. This happened in the Cascades. I don’t think I could watch the documentary.