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So, I have been bingeing this show on Netflix. It is about a French family that sells luxury properties to elite clientele. Most of it takes place in Paris, but there are countryside properties as well. I do occasionally watch property shows like Escape to the Country and Love it or List it. I have been watching French language shows and hoping that by osmosis it will make my nearly nonexistent French better and also for the French scenery. It is very cool to see the some of the interiors of the buildings I will be walking by this coming September (hopefully).

I thought a few Francophiles on the forum also might enjoy it.
Anyone else watching?

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Thanks for the rec. I love European property shows. I sit there fantasising the whole time!

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I'll look for it, to add to Call My Agent and Spiral, which have done so much to improve my competence in French vocabulary related to movie stars and criminal gangs. This one will help me with the high-end real estate deals that will surely play a big part in my next French vacation. ;-)

I hope you have a good trip next fall. And be sure to look for the subtitles under all the French people who speak to you! ;-)

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We’re watching A Very Secret Service on Netflix. It is a satire of the French SS in the 1960’s. It is not dubbed! We just read the subtitles. In one episode the French from Quebec visit and they make fun of their speaking. Each episode is only a half hour so no big time investment.

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@Dick-now there is an idea! Maybe some tech company will make a pair of translating glasses where the subtitles can be seen!

I am going to watch the seasons through one time with English subtitles then watch it again with French subtitles. My husband's academic French is pretty good, so he will quiz me.

Even after this exercise, my duolingo app and my Babbel subscription, I still won't be able to speak anything except for the basic pleasantries. BUT, I will be able to read signs and menus much better and occasionally pick up some things when others are speaking. That is enough for me. If I completely fall in love with Paris, I will spend more time with the language.

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Thank you for sharing! Going to watch the first episode today while I do the treadmill. Going to Paris & France next month and shows like this feed the anticipation.

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Thanks for sharing - we just watched the first episode!

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Love L' Agence! Watched on Netflix last season and am now watching season 2. Its a bit challenging to read the English subtitles and ogle the beautiful homes at the same time. Love the family dynamics as well as the glimpses of luxury properties I would never get to see otherwise. The grandmother, Majo (?), is a favorite. She is my goal for when I reach my eighties.

Also follow @kretzfamilyrealestate on Instagram. They post some of their listings. Fun to fantasize...


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Here’s another French movie on Netflix. It is titled Stuck Together and it is a hilarious look at the pandemic and lockdown in a Paris apartment. Be sure to watch to the very end.